Sani Bot D6 CPAP Mask Cleaner
Sani Bot D6 CPAP Mask Cleaner
$449.99   $419.99

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$449.99 $419.99

Sani Bot CPAP Mask Cleaner is an easier, faster, and more effective way to clean your CPAP mask. Sani Bot CPAP cleaner is automated, saving you time you would have used washing in a sink. It is vital to clean your sleep apnea CPAP mask to ensure a pathogen free equipment

Sani Bot CPAP cleaner uses the power of transducer generated ultra sound, water, and powerful disinfectant tablets to offer high standard medical sanitation and disinfection within the comfort of your home.

Sani Bot CPAP cleaner has a simple 1-2-3 touch panel to make the operation easy.
Sani Bot D6 is the largest model of the Sani Bot D6 CPAP Mask Cleaners.

Sleek touch screen panel
Ceramic heater function
Deep clean at 140 degrees
Stainless steel submersion plate
6 liters tank
Cleaning power of transducer generated ultrasound
1-30 programmable timer
Drain with turn off valve
Hinged lid with window view

No doubt it’s Sani Bot
2 year manufacturer’s warranty
100% quality and satsifaction guarantee
10% discount
Compatible with a wide range of CPAP masks

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Sani Bot CPAP Mask Cleaner is the best CPAP cleaner to sanitize CPAP masks. In addition, Sani Bot CPAP cleaner is the most efficient sanitizer that uses cleaning power of transducer generated ultrasound, and water containing dissolved powerful disinfecting tablets bringing about up to Standard medical sanitization and disinfection.

Moreover, Sani Bot CPAP cleaner has a ceramic heater and 1-2-3 touch panel giving normal and deep cleaning options to remove debris, dirt, oil and other residue quickly and with less effort. Ultrasound and cleaning fizzling bubbles reach even small crevices that UV light wouldn’t reach leaving behind no odor.


Procedure towards a clean CPAP mask

  1. Fill the stainless steel tank with water
  2. Add a cleansing tablet to dissolve in the water
  3. Submerge your CPAP mask
  4. Set the 1-30-minute (full range) timer

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