Sleep8 CPAP cleaner
Sleep8 CPAP cleaner

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The Sleep 8 package is inclusive of three things:
• CPAP cleaning device
• The sanitizing bag
• The charger.
It has the following amazing features:
• Kills 99.9% of germs
• No adapters needed
• Automatically turns off after cleaning.
• Short cleaning duration
• Portable hence an appropriate travel solution.
• Quiet cleaning.
• One button use.
• Has an 18-month warranty.
• Filters lasting 3 months.
• Has a battery icon.
• It has a timer.
It is used to clean the following:
• Mask
• Tubing
• Water chamber/ Humidifier

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Sleep8 CPAP cleaner

The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner has a waterless activated oxygen (Ozone) system that helps sanitize 99.9% of germs. This technology also ensures that areas where UV light cannot reach are also cleaned. It runs quietly ensuring that you are at peace while the cleaning is ongoing. It is very small and compact making it an ideal choice for travel. The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner speedily sanitizes your CPAP equipment. It does not use any chemicals whatsoever making it an ideal solution for you.

It has a one-click system enhancing the ease of its use. It is automated; automatically shutting down after cleaning is complete. It has a rechargeable battery making it easy for you to use without necessarily connecting it to a power source. It requires you to charge before use. It has a battery icon that shows you the amount of charge in the Sleep8 battery.

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