CPAP cleaning devices are ultimately for reassurance and convenience. Can you clean your CPAP without a CPAP machine cleaner? Sure. However, it is time consuming, wet, messy, and requires you to wait for your equipment to fully dry before you can use it. Also, you can never be sure that you have affectively cleaned 100% of the surfaces. Because of these reasons most people who choose manual cleaning do not clean their CPAP equipment even a fraction as often as they should. With the connection of a few hoses, the closing of a chamber, and the push of a button, you get a 99% guarantee that your gear is clean. It is mess-free, fast, and efficient, making CPAP cleaning devices absolutely worth every penny. The best three options on today’s market are the SoClean, the VirtuClean, or the Lumin. The SoClean and the VirtuClean are Ozone based sanitizers while the Lumin uses UV light to disinfect.

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