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Avoid Bacteria with Lumin CPAP Cleaner

Avoid Bacteria with Lumin CPAP Cleaners For those who suffer from sleep apnea, a CPAP machine is important, but these machines come with a wide range of personal responsibilities, including cleaning. Due to the nature of the CPAP machine itself, it is not uncommon to have germ and bacterial buildup which may or may not be visible. Either way, it can cause serious health issues, which is where a CPAP cleaner comes into play. Lumin has proven to be the perfect solution for those who are in a hurry and still want the most in-depth cleaning possible. It all starts with a highpowered UV bulb.

Kill 99% of Bacteria in Just Five Minutes with the Lumin’s UV Bulb

Lumin brings a powerful UV light that easily promotes a 5-minute disinfection process where other similar products on the market take up to one hour to complete the cycle. Lumin stays ahead of the game with:

  • 5 Minute Cleaning Cycle
  • Ambient UV light
  • Free of Ozone
  • Tray Access
  • Cost-effectiveness

The EPA reports that the UV light is the safest disinfection method for a CPAP machine as an alternative to the typical Ozone based cleaners which are known to irritate the respiratory system as well as the lungs. For fully healthy people, this might not be a problem, but for those who suffer from respiratory illness, the danger is doubled, making it much more essential to seek proper cleaning techniques.

How it Works

Lumin’s UV system consists of a simple germicidal lamp that uses high energy light to eradicate germs. The light is emitted within the UV-C spectrum and operates close to 265nm, which is considered the most lethal to microorganisms. After wiping down your CPAP equipment, you place it inside the drawer, close it, and then press the start button. The unit will do the rest, getting rid of the bacteria and buildup that you can’t see. During cold, allergy, and flu season, this is a personal at-home service that you cannot do without.

Use it At Home or On the Go

Lumin’s size and compact nature make it a perfect traveling companion as well as an at-home solution for CPAP cleaning. There is no need to purchase a separate unit for each purpose; as Lumin will meet all of your needs, whether it is stored safely at home or in your luggage as you are traveling abroad. Finally, because it uses a UV light, you do not need any separate cleaning fluids to make the device work properly. Just grab the unit, place your CPAP hardware inside, and watch it clean.

Keep Your CPAP Equipment Safe

Keep Your CPAP Equipment Safe

Lumin has been proven time and again that it can keep CPAP equipment perfectly safe during the cleaning process. Other units often result in broken plastic and silicone, which can be a tragic turn of events for someone who relies on their CPAP equipment nightly and cannot get an immediate replacement. However, with Lumin, degradation is nonexistent, and this ensures clean, uninterrupted use of your CPAP machine for many years to come.

The Lumin CPAP cleaning system and the Lumin Bullet are must-have accessories for anyone who owns a CPAP device. Keep it clean, keep it intact, and most importantly, keep yourself healthy.