Back to FAQsLumin Cpap Cleaner Benefits Unfortunately, all CPAP cleaners are not created equally. However, Lumin, SoClean, and VirtuClean, each utilize unique methods and equipment to ensure that your CPAP device and gear are more than 99% free of all germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and unwanted particles. SoClean and VirtuClean both utilize a system that traps ozone (also known as activated oxygen or O3) in a chamber with the portions of your CPAP that you are cleaning. The activated oxygen is just normal oxygen with an extra oxygen molecule added to it. This mutation from O2 to O3 makes the gas uninhabitable. The ozone affects the organisms on or in your CPAPs gear, breaking them down on a cellular level. This damages them and ensures that they can no longer reproduce causing a very affective removal of those harmful and unwanted pathogens. In contrast, the Lumin CPAP sanitizer works with the power of ultraviolet light (also known as UV). Like Ozone, UV light causes cellular damage to germs, bacteria, molds, fungi, and other unwanted pathogens. Though UV light is common and present in the spectrum of sunlight, the Lumin produces this light at very high concentrations. This type of equipment sanitization is utilized by food prep services, scientific laboratories, surgical facilities, hospitals, and dentists worldwide. Review the three machines and see which unit best meets your needs. Having a CPAP cleaning device is worth the price as it brings peace of mind and reassures you that all harmful and unwanted particles are stopped from entering your respiratory system. This will ensure that you are getting the best and most hygienic sleep that you possibly can. Back to FAQs