Lumin CPAP Cleaner

Lumin CPAP Cleaner

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The Lumin provides a healthy choice in CPAP accessory disinfection. It can be used with all different brands and accessories and is powered by a simple, one-touch operation. It uses a high power, specialized UVC light source to sanitize, so there are no limitations on the brands it can disinfect. This UVC light is the same type of light source used to sanitize hospital operating rooms and sterilize clean rooms. The ultraviolet light will disinfect up to 99% of harmful bacteria, molds, unwanted germs, pathogens, and fungi that can cause infections and illnesses.

  • Five Minute Disinfection
  • The UV light kills 99% of Bacteria
  • No Ozone
  • Affordable, Safe, and Easy to use

“Ultraviolet light will disinfect up to 99% of harmful bacteria, molds, unwanted germs, pathogens, and fungi that can cause infection and sicknesses. Ultraviolet light is also known to be one of the safest sanitization options in today’s market.”

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  • The cleaning cycle is only 5 minutes long.
  • It’s environmentally conducive and does not use destructive chemicals to clean.
  • It leaves no deposits on your equipment.
  • No replacement components are required.
  • The UV-C bulb can run for about 9,000 hours and should outlive your machine.
  • The Lumin can be used with all different brands and accessories.
  • The price is currently $269.
  • Affordable, Safe, and Easy to use

To utilize the Lumin CPAP cleaner, connect it, open the drawer, fit in your equipment, and hit the button to start the 5-minute cycle. The Lumin CPAP cleaner is not only easy to use when cleaning your CPAP sleep apnea equipment but can also sanitize anything that fits in the drawer. You can also sanitize oral appliances, toothbrushes, hearing aids, among other equipment.


Today, machines are available to clean your CPAP devices for you, in much less time than doing it yourself. Some  CPAP cleaner machines have activated oxygen, also known as ozone, to exterminate bacteria and other germs. These machines decompose oxygen and create oxidants to sufficiently kill bacteria and germs in your CPAP.

What Makes The Lumin CPAP Cleaner Different?

While many CPAP Cleaners use activated oxygen (ozone) to sanitize CPAP masks and hoses, the Lumin CPAP disinfector ultraviolet light. This is the same form of sanitation applied in hospital operating rooms.

At a specific range of wavelengths, ranging from 260nm-270 nm, UV light can kill off bacteria and other germs by decomposing the molecular bonds within the DNA of these microbes.

The Lumin CPAP cleaner has a wavelength of 265nm, which has been verified to be the deadliest wavelength for these germs.

The Lumin Bullet

The recently unveiled Lumin Bullet, used for cleaning the CPAP hose, is a component of the CPAP supplies. It sanitizes the inside of the hose in one minute. The 3B Lumin Bullet uses UV light to kill bacteria and other germs.

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