Lumin Bullet By 3B Medical – Cpap Hose Cleaner and Sanitizer

Lumin Bullet By 3B Medical – Cpap Hose Cleaner and Sanitizer

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Introducing the Lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Cleaner and sanitizer! 3B medical already released its Lumin CPAP Cleaner that uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi that can often be found in your CPAP machines attached equipment. Here is its follow-up product which is designed to sanitize a CPAP hose in seconds.  In just two weeks of using a CPAP machine, the hose is likely to develop a thin layer of biofilm. The tubing is a dark, warm, and moist area for breeding germs and other bacteria. Using the bullet makes sanitizing all of your CPAP equipment more complete as well as streamlines the entire hose disinfection process. By utilizing the Lumin Bullet in conjunction with another CPAP sanitizing machine such as the Lumin CPAP cleaner, you can rest assured that your sleep therapy is as hygienic and effective as possible.

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The Sleep8 CPAP cleaning machine

The Sleep8 includes the CPAP cleaning device, a sanitizing bag, and the charger.

The Sleep8 package is inclusive of three things:
• CPAP cleaning device
• The sanitizing bag
• The charger

The Sleep8’s features:
• Kills 99.9% of germs
• No adapters needed
• Automatically turns off after cleaning.
• Short cleaning duration
• Portable, making it an appropriate travel solution.
• Quiet while cleaning.
• One button use.
• Has an 18-month warranty.
• Replaceable filters that last 3 months.
• Has a battery indicating icon.
• It has a timer.

The Sleep8 cleans the following pieces of your CPAP equipment:
• Mask
• Tubing
• Water chamber/ Humidifier


“The sanitization technology used by the Sleep8 is so superior, that it is utilized for water purification, air sanitization, food packaging disinfection, and medical as well as scientific sterilization.”



With user friendly features, the Sleep8 can be activated with the touch of a button.

Like other big name brand disinfectors, the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner has a waterless activated oxygen (otherwise known as ozone or O3) system that helps sanitize 99.9% of germs. This advanced technology can ensure that even the areas in the accordion sections of the CPAP tubing, where standard UV light cleaners cannot reach, are effectively sanitized. This disinfection unit runs quietly ensuring that you are not bothered while the cleaning cycle is ongoing. The Sleep8 is very small and compact which makes it the most ideal choice when looking for a CPAP sanitizer suited for travel. This CPAP cleaner speedily sanitizes all of your CPAP equipment. There are no chemicals or solvents used at any time.  This natural cleaning method makes it an ideal solution for you. The Sleep 8 has a one-click system enhancing the ease of its use. This method makes it simple to learn how to use and completely user friendly. It is automated. This means that it will automatically shut down after the cleaning cycle is complete. Because there is absolutely no liquid used, your CPAP equipment will be ready for immediate use. There is no need to wait for any portion to air out or dry. The Sleep8 has a rechargeable battery. This feature makes it easy for you to use without having to connect it to a power source each time. It does require that you to charge before use. It has a battery icon that shows you the amount of charge in the battery. This feature makes it great for people traveling to different countries where electrical adapters may be needed. It also makes it easy for people who are going camping to not have to skip their cleaning regiment for their CPAP while they are away from electrical outlets.

By utilizing the cleaning technology brought to you by the Sleep8, you will be saved the hassle and mess of trying to sanitize your CPAP equipment with soap and water. You will be given the peace of mind that you have thoroughly disinfected every bit of the CPAP hose, mask, and water reservoir, and that there were no harmful cleaners or chemicals left behind for you to breath in later. The Sleep8 only takes a few minutes to completely sanitize all of your equipment meaning that it will also save you time during the cleaning and totally eliminate the time it would have taken while waiting for the equipment to dry. In time and cleaners alone the Sleep8 will pay for itself very quickly.

The disinfection back used to sanitize your CPAP equipment doubles as a carrying case for the Sleep8

The damp environment created in your CPAP tubing and mask by the water tank and humidifier is an excellent place for unwanted pathogens to cultivate. On the lower side of worrisome issues, these germs could cause your CPAP equipment to get a bad odor. While at the more extreme end of the spectrum, if these hazardous particles are breathed in, they could cause sinus infections, pneumonia, or many other respiratory issues. The sanitization technology used by the Sleep8 is so superior, that it is utilized for water purification, air sanitization, food packaging disinfection, and medical as well as scientific sterilization. Ozone breaks down bacteria, molds, fungi, and viruses on a cellular level. It enables their abilities to reproduce and eradicates them completely. This means that after using the Sleep8 your CPAP equipment will be more than 99% germ free.

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