Great Cpap/Bipap product and Customer Service…

This ozone product is better than other competitor products that I had been researching for a while. I didn’t want to invest in one until I found one that fully met my needs. The device is incredibly small. Perfect for traveling or for tiny nightstand space. No extra expense for filters or chemicals. It’s a… Read more “Great Cpap/Bipap product and Customer Service…”

May 2, 2018


I am so glad that I waited and didn’t buy the bulky SoClean. This one does a great job and is small and quiet. Great for travel. I feel like my machine is so much cleaner now with much less hassle.

April 4, 2018

Compact, portable, good for home AND travel

Much smaller than I expected. Will work easily as both a home unit and a unit for travel. It charges on common USB micro, and runs for at least 4 cycles on one charge. Still getting familiar with this unit, but first impression is 5 stars. I may have access to equipment to test how… Read more “Compact, portable, good for home AND travel”

Brian C. Rachocki
March 7, 2018

Good deal! It’s smaller, less expensive, and doesn’t need expensive filters!

I chose this cpap cleaner for two reasons: it’s a bit less expensive than the other one I found, and it needs no pricey filter replacements, as the other does. I’ve used a cpap for over 9 yrs. I’ve put the hose in the wash machine in a net bag to clean it, and a… Read more “Good deal! It’s smaller, less expensive, and doesn’t need expensive filters!”

February 21, 2018

Extremely Quiet, ZERO extra things to buy !!!

This cleaner is wonderful. It cleans the mask and hose in one cycle… then you switch the hose around to clean the humidifier in a separate cycle. Extremely quiet. ZERO attachments needed… works with any hose and mask as far as I can see. Very small foot print too. I store the device in it’s… Read more “Extremely Quiet, ZERO extra things to buy !!!”

Dave Johnson
February 1, 2018

Works as advertised, great little CPAP cleaner!

I have the unfortunate need for a CPAP. I hate it, although it does result in much better sleep. Still, the most annoying thing is that you have to clean the damn thing all the time. I decided to try out the VirtuClean. It’s pricey, but I hoped it would make my life easier. It… Read more “Works as advertised, great little CPAP cleaner!”

James U
January 24, 2018

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