Typically, most CPAP machine users are unhappy with their CPAP machines for the first few weeks of use because they are uncomfortable and hard to get used to wearing. This discomfort can cause the user some lost sleep which explains the dissatisfaction with the overall machine. Once a person on CPAP therapy has used their machines for a few weeks and gotten used to having the constant air pressure and the presence of the mask, they generally all agree they are satisfied with there mask, and they don’t know what they would do without it.

One of the only chief complaints is the time consuming and messy need to clean the water reservoir, the tubing, and the mask daily. With the addition of a CPAP machine cleaner to their daily routine, most CPAP users find a higher satisfaction of comfort and peace of mind when it comes to their CPAP therapy. The CPAP cleaner allows a mess-free clean that is quick. These devices leave your CPAP equipment ready to use immediately after the cleaning cycles are done. Most units take less than 30 minutes on an automated timer that can be pressed as you leave for work or when you start winding down for bed.


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