CPAP Machine Benefits – Ultimate Recommendations by CPAP Users

Benefits of CPAP MachinesWhen people begin CPAP therapy, they are generally concerned with daytime sleepiness, concentration, depression, weight gain, links to diabetes type II, heart disease, hypertension, and numerous other adverse effects to the body and mind that emanate from a lack of deep, restful sleep.

Like any alteration to a regiment, coping with sleep therapy or using a CPAP machine requires some adjustment. Nevertheless, most users start to see very positive and life-changing CPAP benefits after a few days, weeks, or months. That depends on how long one has gone without therapy and a good night of sleep.

Benefits of Using a CPAP Machines

In a recent survey, we asked – Do you notice differences in your sleepiness, general health, and concentration with increased hours of CPAP use? Over 400 people responded to our question. Notably, 81% of our survey respondents said yes! That speaks volumes to how CPAP therapy enhances a user’s life. More than 50% of our survey respondents also remarked a benefit from CPAP therapy they did NOT anticipate.

Here are some additional unexpected benefits users specifically mentioned, in their own words.

More Energy and Less Daytime Sleepiness

Maybe it is not astonishing that our survey respondents described more energy. People with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) feel like “a new person” after starting CPAP therapy. Several studies similar to this one reported in the journal Sleep give evidence that CPAP therapy significantly diminished fatigue and increased energy in people with the OSA condition.

Reduced Headaches and Migraines

According to Dr. Jeanetta Rains, in the Headache Journal, the connection between OSA and headaches has been acknowledged and studied for over a century. It is thought that the low oxygen levels associated with OSA cause the blood vessels to broaden and, in turn, cause vascular headaches upon waking up, especially in the first 30 minutes after sleep.

Lower Blood Pressure

CPAP Machine BenefitsAn article titled Sleep Apnea Devices Lower Blood Pressure by WebMD hosts shows that CPAP therapy can lower high blood pressure. In our survey, respondents noted that it was hard to tell if their blood pressure was lower if already on blood pressure medication. A few cited their experiences lower blood pressure after beginning CPAP. Over 50% of CPAP users with high blood pressure cases in the past reported that they had had a decrease in blood pressure after CPAP use.

Better and Deeper Sleep

Studies repeatedly indicate that better, deeper sleep leads to tremendous health benefits for all age groups. In our research, OSA patients reported achieving deeper and calm sleep than those without the machine.

Even so, the CPAP machine requires to be cleaned regularly to increase its effectiveness and enhance is usefulness to the user. Without thorough cleaning and sanitizing, you may have germs and bacteria accumulating inside your CPAP device, making it ineffective and unfit for use.

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