Can the CPAP Machine Be Used as Ventilators to Control COVID-19?

The novel Coronavirus crisis has placed startling stress on the global health care supply system on how to treat the corona virus. Ventilators are one of the leading treatments for COVID-19. However, a scarcity of ventilators has compelled health professionals to look for new, alternative approaches to deliver respiratory support to patients affected with the Coronavirus. Repurposing other respiratory equipment has proved one of the best measure. CPAP Machines as Ventilators for CovidOn March 22, the FDA said that manufacturers and health care professionals can make essential modifications to transform a CPAP machine and bi-level positive air pressure (BiPAP) machines in treating respiratory insufficiency. according to a 2020 NPR report published on March 27, this strategy can possibly raise the spread of infectious disease by aerosolizing the virus whether used in the hospital or at home.  The use of CPAP machines to treat respiratory illness has been the best approach on how to treat and prevent corona virus. Currently, use of a CPAP sleep apnea machine is a vital part of the emergency plans being developed by states should a shortage of ventilators occur.

What is the Difference Between a CPAP Machines and a Ventilator?

CPAP machines and ventilators are both considered mechanical ventilation and may be used for corona treatment. They both help a patient in breathing properly. CPAP machines provides a steady stream of pressurized air to keep the airways open while sleeping. Therefore, it prevents the collapse of the passageway and episodes of intermittent breathing. A ventilator is essential for more severe respiratory disorders in which a patient is unable to breath.

How are CPAP Machines Repurposed for COVID-19 use?

Without a doubt, ventilators are critical for the most severe COVID-19 patients. Nonetheless, a modified CPAP machine with a variety of CPAP Masks may assist for mild-to-moderate cases where patients are having some respiratory distress. According to the FDA, this type of medication should only be used with careful monitoring to guarantee effectiveness.

How can CPAP Machines Help with effective Breathing?

How to treat the corona virusBefore the Coronavirus pandemic, patients with sleep apnea have depended on CPAP therapy to help them sleep. CPAP machines blow air into the throat through a mask with growing air pressure to prevent the airway from collapsing during sleep. BiPAP machines work similarly to CPAP but they deliver two types of air pressure – for inhalation and exhalation respectively. With the right CPAP supplies, CPAP and BiPAP therapy may be used to enhance breathing in patients.

Can CPAP Machines Help at Home?

Can I use CPAP machines as ventilators for covid-19? At home, CPAP machines continues to be the basic method of non-invasive remedy for sleep apnea. There is an estimated 22 million Americans who suffer from sleep apnea. 80 percent of these cases include undiagnosed, moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea. It is important to learn more about sleep apnea, symptoms and suitable treatment and how CPAP machines can help at home. For questions about CPAP machines and sleep apnea treatment, get in touch with our customer service team.

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