Back to FAQsSleep Apnea Sleep apnea is a severe illness linked to many other health-related issues. One of those associations is heart disease. Due to the strain that the lack of oxygen and lack of sleep puts on your body when you have intreated sleep apnea your risk for heart failure goes up by 140%, while your chance for stroke is 60% more likely, and the danger of coronary heart disease rises by 30%.  Estimates show that over 38,000 heart-related deaths are caused by untreated sleep apnea each year. When you think that you or one of your loved ones has sleep apnea or any cardiovascular issues, you should talk to a doctor right away. Though sleep apnea is, as stated above, a severe disease, it is often manageable with a CPAP machine and sleep therapy. With proper diagnosis and treatment, sleep apnea does not have to ruin or end your life. Back to FAQs