solutions to keep cpap cleanIn case you are later diagnosed with sleep apnea, this article will assist you to make the most of your treatment!

CPAP mask upkeep is a significant part of CPAP treatment. A huge part of this comprises frequently replacing your CPAP equipment and cleaning them too. This is important for two crucial aims:

  • Making sure your equipment works optimally in order for you to get the most from your CPAP treatment.
  • Giving good sanitation

Wear off of CPAP Mask

Although the warranty of the manufacturer will give you a fair indication of your machine life, usually between two and five years, this indicator is just one. A correctly cleaned and maintained machine may potentially last for seven or more years.

No matter how good you hold and purify your mask, there are some indications to see if it is time to change it.

CPAP mask-wearing off signs include:

  • In case you observe cautionary lights which flash often.
  • In case you hear crunching sounds when the machine is running.
  • In case you have facial soreness, lesions, and discomfort.

These may be signs of worn seals or of an old mask with delicate headgear or covers. Any unreasonable light or sound is common for your computer to stop working, so you need to start considering replacing it. And, even though mask liners from CPAP will help with some of these problems, it can be a sign of CPAP mask-wearing out and a replacement can be required.

You also need not wait until the last few minutes to replace your machine because should a mistake occur, you run the risk of an enforcement lapse.

Over the years, CPAP devices and masks have made many advances and upgrades. An “old”-looking computer could appear like that since it has no recent convenience innovations like a heated humidifier and an updated user interface. Consider changing the CPAP mask.

Leaks in Your CPAP Mask

cpap cleaningUnfortunately, CPAP mask leaks are a concern that can cause sleep apnea in patients and leads to problems. Three key explanations exist for the issue of a mask leak:

  • The air that escapes will irritate your eyes and cause them to swell, shock, and get dry.
  • Fluxing out of your mask can create noise that can interrupt your sleep or that of your partner
  • Excess leakage from the mask will affect your compliance with CPAP, as you lose the correct pressure that you need to hold your airways open when the mask leaks. This can lead to night snoring and growing daytime exhaustion, hence it is important to consider changing the CPAP mask.

Causes of CPAP Mask Leaks

An air leak may be triggered by a misfitting mask because the headgear is improperly adjusted (over-tightened, too loose). When you change your sleeping positions at night, your mask will move and leak.

If the mask coating is not washed properly, facial oils are stored so that the mask can lift you off as the pressure increases. The age of the masks can also affect the dressing, making the coil to wear off and reduce the elasticity of the headgear.

The over-leaking of masks and the lack of a proper seal is also the first sign that the cushion needs to be replaced.

Importance of CPAP Mask Cleaning

Adequate cleaning of the CPAP mask is important. Note, the air that circulates into the machine and through the mask is one that you are breathing. The air is filtered and damped, but the mask must be kept as clean as possible.

hen to change cpap deviceIf a mask is not properly washed, it can place you in danger of possible problems and hazards like:

  •         Mineralization within the equipment
  •         Premature equipment breakdown
  •         A potential risk of pneumonia or sinus infections
  •         Allergy symptoms
  •         Bacteria exposure
  •         Voiding the device warranty
  •         Mold exposure
  •          A foul or musty odor

Change Your CPAP Mask Now

It’s time to repair your mask if seal corrosion triggers leaks. Facial oils deteriorate, even though you practice good hygiene over time. Don’t tighten your headgear if you feel leaks. This can cause pressure and pain, which contributes to more leaks.

It could be a warning that you have to change your mask if it doesn’t fit properly anymore. An unsuitable mask may make it such that the mask is changed or the headwear is continuously dragged over so that the working time is decreased. You would instead ask the provider to re-fit or consider changing the CPAP mask.

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