Once you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you know that the next move is to set up your CPAP system. One of the most critical aspects of beginning CPAP therapy is choosing the right CPAP mask for your particular needs. The CPAP mask is a piece of equipment that binds you to the therapy unit.

If you’re unhappy with the mask, you’re likely to leave CPAP and become non-compliant. This will put your life at risk which could trigger your insurance provider not to cover for your care.

Find the Right CPAP Mask

The best full face cpap mask The most important thing you need to know is to select a mask that you are comfortable wearing. An improper CPAP mask can leak and cause skin irritation. This would disturb your sleep and contradict the entire purpose of CPAP therapy. It’s designed to help you sleep, not to discourage it!

Take care of how you’re sleeping. If you’re sleeping on your back or side, sleeping like a stone, or flipping around continuously, various types of masks will suit you.

There are hundreds of different types of CPAP masks of different sizes, but there are three primary types of masks:

Nasal Mask

Nasal masks offer a number of sizing and fit. They fit over your nose and protect your upper lip from the bridge of your nose. Newer models have one opening in which both noses are cradled, meaning they don’t have to cross the bridge of the nose. Nasal masks deliver oxygen to your nasal passageway, but not directly to your nose like the Nasal Pillow. It offers a more normal airflow than the Nasal Cushion.

You should consider wearing a nasal mask if…

  • You would like a lower profile mask, but you don’t want it directly in your nose.
  • You’re lying on your side or you’re tossing and turning to sleep.
  • You want to read or watch TV in front of your bed.

Nasal Pillow Mask

Best portable CPAP machine for sleep apnea The nasal pillow is the smallest version, so it is perfect for anyone who feels uncomfortable or travels a lot. The nasal cushion fits into the nose and adds oxygen to the nose. The risk for contamination is extremely minimal, but some people find it inconvenient to have stuff in their noses.

You should get a nasal pillow if;

  • You’ve got facial hair. Facial hair may have an effect on the seal, and nasal pillows may not come into contact with facial hair.
  • You feel so uncomfortable with other masks.
  • You wear your lenses and there is nothing to protect the bridge of your nose.

Don’t consider a nasal cushion if;

  • You’ve got a high-pressure environment, and it can be awkward.
  • You often breathe via the mouth
  • You have scar tissue or a deviated septum that prevents the passage of air into your nostrils.

Full Face Mask

This mask protects your mouth and nose, allowing you to breathe through all of them. Since the mask has much more surface area, it spreads the weight and some people find it more convenient. Few full face masks cover the entire nose and also the mouth, and some only fit under the nose while still covering the mouth.

You ought to get a full-face CPAP mask if you;

  • You’re breathing through the mouth.
  • You also fail to breathe solely from your nose due to asthma or congestion.
  • The bigger masks put too much emphasis on the smaller portion of the face.
  • You need not have a full-face CPAP mask if you…
  • You’ve got dense facial hair that restricts the seal.
  • A larger mask will make you feel smothered while claustrophobic.

Size, Comfort, Fit

Put the mask on prior to starting the machine. This would keep the mask and the tubing from failing and causing an air leak.

Using a mirror when you’re wearing a mask to make sure you’re wearing it right is vital. Follow the doctor’s instructions and each mask has a particular sequence to put it on. Measure the real size of the nose from top to bottom and side – to – side.

CPAP Accessories to Consider


Headgear is unique to the choice of masks. Looking at the breathability of the fabric and the scale of the headgear will help you determine which mask to pick from. Many of the headgear choices are flexible, helping you to find the right match. Any of them have magnetic closures that make it easy to take the mask on and off. Learning what fits for you is essential to CPAP’s comfort.


best cpap mask for mouth breathersPeople who wear a nasal pillow or mask often wear a chin strap. It helps hold your mouth shut and get the full advantage of sleep apnea therapy. These are prescribed only if you have trouble holding your mouth closed throughout the night. If you are not sure when choosing the right CPAP mask for you, then this is an easy no-commitment way to try Best CPAP Cleaner in Coral Springs, Florida. 

Getting the best CPAP Cleaner 

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