Clean Zone CPAP Reviews

Reviews of Clean Zone Cleaner for CPAP Mask

Clean Zone CPAP Cleaner promises to remove the labor-intensive part of owning a CPAP equipment.

The Clean Zone cleans CPAP equipment using activated oxygen that’s aimed at killing up to 99% of CPAP germs and bacteria.

A device such as this presents an easy way to clean your CPAP machine. The traditional way to clean your CPAP device entails daily and weekly cleanings with soap and water. This can be labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Clean Zone promises to remove the labor-intensive part of owning a CPAP equipment. Our review of this device will enable you to understand if its mix of features and pricing are a good fit for your requirements.

How the Clean Zone Functions

Cleaning your CPAP machine with this equipment is easy. The Clean Zone has two adapters that fit a lot of CPAP machines.

To utilize the Clean Zone, remove your mask from your CPAP tube, attach one of the adapters to the tube, and then plug it into the cleaner.

Press the power knob. The machine will beep once and then begin a 30-minute cleaning cycle. During this cycle, your Clean Zone will circulate activated oxygen throughout your CPAP tube and into the reservoir. As the air moves through your device, it destroys bacteria and germs.

These bacteria and germs can lead to skin rashes and skin infections if left unchecked. Similarly, germs and mold can build up in your CPAP machine’s water reservoir, increasing the chance you could get sick.

At the conclusion of the cycle, the device shuts itself off automatically. At any time during the cleaning cycle, you can press the power switch to turn off the Clean Zone.

You also have the choice of cleaning your whole machine in a sanitizing bag that comes with the device. Using this cleaning method lets you clean your mask as well as the outside and inside surfaces of your reservoir.

The Clean Zone uses a rechargeable battery you can charge using a USB cord Clean Zone includes with your device.

The device can wash CPAP and BI-PAP machines, also.

How Clean Zone Compares to Handwashing Your Machine


Clean Zone Portable CPAP Sanitizer Reviews

Clean Zone CPAP sanitizer saves you a significant amount of cleaning and drying time.

Clean Zone’s primary advantages over handwashing a CPAP machine is that it needs a few seconds of setup, and you can use the device immediately after a 30-minute cleaning cycle.

A hand wash necessitates you to use soap, water, and, when required, a long brush that you can use to scour the inside of your breathing tube. You’ll need to let your CPAP machine dry, too. The whole process can take more than an hour.

Clean Zone saves you a significant amount of cleaning and drying time. This is crucial if you tend to procrastinate and don’t wash your machine until later in the day.

The Bottom Line

Clean Zone uses confirmed ozone disinfection methods to clean your CPAP machine without the hassle of handwashing its parts every day. In our view, this device provides incredible value for CPAP owners. Nevertheless, there are circumstances in which it may not be right for you. Find out whether your CPAP machine matches Clean Zone perfectly.

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