If you are looking for efficiency and ultimate health fromyour CPAP device cleaning, you have come to the right place! The Lumin Bullet is a state-of-the-art CPAP cleaning solution that does far more than make your mask look pretty – it actively kills germs and reduces buildup that occurs during use. What is Lumin? How does it work? It is the use of germicidal UVC light that sets the Lumin apart from nearly every other CPAP cleaner on the market, employing a method that has been deployed in the medical industry for years. This UV sanitizing device is a product of 3B medical and is both safe and a great alternative to some of the more expensive and arguably harsher devices available on the market today.

Killing Bacteria with a UV Light

Contained within a fail-safe chamber, the Lumin’s UV light is capable of killing bacteria within five minutes. Take a moment to compare this to other options on the market which take ten minutes or up to an hour. Additionally, because the Lumin uses a powerful germicidal UV light, you won’t have to worry about filling it with any specialty fluids.

A Safer Alternative

Killing 99% of bacteria, the Lumin is far safer than many of the other CPAP cleaning options on the market. Several other alternative CPAP cleaning machines and methods are unsafe, producing unpredictable results if they are not appropriately handled. One of the safety options, for example, is an automatic shutoff that is engaged the moment you open the unit’s drawer. This ensures that the user’s eyes are not exposed to UV light prompting extensive medical issues.

CPAP device cleaningUVC LED Wavelength Range

The typical UVC LED has a wavelength of 200nm to 280nm on the electromagnetic spectrum, but what is the germicidal range of the light? The International Ultraviolet Association states that the range at which light is effective at killing germs is 200-300. As the peak for human DNA absorption, it is accepted that 265nm is the best wavelength for disinfection though science is quickly proving that other wavelengths are perfectly acceptable for this purpose as well. UV lights are an excellent alternative to their mercury counterparts and can adapt to multiple germ types.

Wavelengths Depend Upon the Germ

While you can eradicate most germs with the 266nm wavelength, there are some that need to go a little bit higher. At the right level, a single wavelength is capable of eliminatingall germs, but there are still those that have a different optimal level.

Excellent at Home and On the Go

The Lumin has proven to be a powerful tool and ally in the fight against CPAP related illnesses. Allowing bacteria, mold, and germs to build up inside the CPAP unit can result in serious illness, making it critical for patients to carry a CPAP cleaner with them wherever they go. As a highly portable unit, it can be taken virtually anywhere without anyhassle and delivers a clean unlike anything else on the market. Invest in one today and invest in your health.