Commercial and Industrial UV Light Sanitizers

Before obtaining a commercial UV light sanitizer, learn safety measures
Germicidal UVC light produces ultraviolet waves that eliminate viruses, bacteria, and mold. The light, sometimes referred to as a nano UV disinfection light, kills the germs, damaging their DNA so that they can no longer reproduce.

UVC light kills viruses, bacteria, and pathogens on the surfaces in the environments we are exposed to. If you are planning to obtain a commercial UV light sanitizer, it would be best to understand how to use it safely.

How to use UVC safely

Develop a safe practice

It is not always possible to use UVC lights entirely in a safe room. For example, as a commercial business, you may have a room such as a lunchroom that you are required to sterilize every day. It is not realistic to move all the tables and chairs into your sterilization room daily.

However, it is reasonable to run the sterilization process at 2:00 am, when no one is around. Alternatively, you can obtain a handheld UV light device that would be more effective in sterilization. A safe practice includes being able to lock the light switch to this product to avoid being turned on accidentally. Locking the room at night and unlocking it in the morning can further safeguard the room from being used when sterilization is being performed.

Use a LED UV Light with built-in safety features

High Power UVC lights have safety features built in to guarantee they operate safely. Timers can be set to ensure they only operate at times when people are known not to be around. Alarms are activated before the lights turn on to warn people to leave the area.

Since UVC is not visible, our lights also have UVA spectrums that glow a light purple when the light is on. They are visible such that you can detect when the light is on. You can try that if you use a handheld UV sterilizer gadget.

Even with these safeguards, safe operating practices require to be employed to safeguard the use of these products further. These products can offer an excellent option to sterilize objects and environments, but they must be safe and used safely.

Avoid using UVC lights on people and animals

Use a handheld UV light sterilization to avoid light rays getting to humans
UVC light is not meant to be a people or pet disinfecting tool. Always endeavor to avoid using UVC light when people or pets are under its beam. It would help to use a handheld UV light sterilization that you can handle with care without pointing it in the direction where people or pets are. UVC cannot differentiate between good and bad life forms. It does not distinguish between people and pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. While it does a great job on pathogens, UV Light is harmful to people. Experts recommend that it should never be used in rooms or areas when people are present.

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