If you have sleep apnea, you certainly already know the challenge of trying to clean or disinfect your CPAP system on a daily basis. CPAP cleaning can be a challenge, and it is advised that you clean most of the parts at least once a week. Luckily, there’s a better way than hand-cleaning with soap and water: using a CPAP cleaner! Throughout this guide, we will help you find the right CPAP cleaners for your requirements.

What’s a CPAP Cleaner?

An fda approved cpap cleaners

A CPAP Cleaner is a product that you use on a regular basis to help disinfect and sterilize your CPAP equipment. The design varies and largely depends on the unit you pick, but most of the best CPAP cleaners utilize activated oxygen for sanitizing purposes. Using the same technologies used in water treatment systems, CPAP cleaners extract bacteria and germs from your mask, hose, and humidifier, all with limited effort.

It is important to remember that most CPAP cleaners are mainly designed to sanitize and kill bacteria. They don’t normally extract all the skin oils and perspiration that are absorbed from your mask components – but, even with the aid of a CPAP cleaner, you will also need to wash your mask manually from time to time to clear the oils.

What Is The Best CPAP Cleaner?

Since there are plenty of these products in the market, we’re going to run over some of the finest cleaner CPAP machines in the market. We made these choices on the basis of a combination of user requirements, customer feedback, and our own system knowledge. Here are the choices for the best CPAP sanitizers in the markets: 

SoClean 2

  • The most popular CPAP cleaner
  • Powerful daily sanitizing using activated oxygen
  • Destroys 99.9% of germs and bacteria present on your CPAP equipment
  • Automated cleaning system – just place your CPAP mask in the device, and you’re done!
  • Easy to use
  • Very well-reviewed

The SoClean is by far the most popular model. It uses activated oxygen tech to bacteria and germs. All you need to do is put your mask and while still attached to your hose and CPAP device – in the chamber and close the covering flap. That’s a fact! The SoClean 2 will then finish the automated cleaning routine, this takes about 2 hours in total. Find out about our analysis of SoClean 2 to discover more.

Special Mention: CPAP CareTouch Mask Wipes 

Best CPAP Cleaner in 2021

  • Makes it easy to keep the mask clean 
  • For regular usage – it takes only a few seconds to clean a mask 
  • Removes dead skin, cells oils, sweats, microbes, and bacteria 
  • Open and quick to use 
  • Increases the time between complete cleaning

These CareTouch CPAP wipes are not meant to replace the functions of a fully functioning CPAP cleaner, but they will certainly apply in keeping your mask cleaner. They still prove to work well with SoClean, though SoClean doesn’t actually eliminate dirt or skin oil from SoClean. 

The wipes are meant for easy and regular cleaning of your masks without the need of water and soap. At Best CPAP cleaner, our customer service is ready for your call at (855) 275-8951. Be sure to look at our updated blogs that aim to provide you with answers and information to all of your sleeping questions for your CPAP cleaner. You can also email us at [email protected] for more information. 

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