CPAP CleanerA CPAP cleaner is crucial if you have a CPAP machine. This life-saving machine helps people across the world get control over their sleep apnea. Having one of these machines helps ensure a better quality sleep and stops oxygen loss during the night. One thing you need to remember is, your CPAP machine doesn’t take care of itself.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your CPAP Machine?

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning your machine at least once a week. Some parts need cleaning every day. It’s not enough to wipe away the condensation. The best CPAP cleaner addresses all the things that build up throughout the machine. This keeps the machine running efficiently. It also prevents bacteria associated with colds, flus, and other infections. Routine cleanings go a long way towards ensuring the health of the user and longevity of the machine.

The Best Ways to Use a CPAP Cleaner

Best Ways to Use a CPAP CleanerMany people use CPAP wipes to get rid of bacteria and keep the machine running smoothly. Some also use a CPAP cleaning device. Whatever the case, cleaning supplies keep your machine free of mold and bacteria. You should also clean your mask on a daily basis even if you don’t have a cold or infection. The machine itself should be flushed at least once a week. Make sure you get all your accessories. Using boiled or otherwise sanitized water to avoid any contamination issues is best and recommended.

Keep lint-free towels ready to dry your machine without creating buildup. Some people use a mild dish soap. Always be careful to rinse your system thoroughly. Disinfectant solutions made for CPAP machines make the process easier. They eliminate any small complications that mild dish soap can bring. They also target pathogens that build up in your mask and other parts of the machine.

Make sure you unplug your machine first before you do any cleaning. This eliminates the risk of electrical shock and other injuries. Then disassemble your unit. Remove all hoses and make a guide if you need to. You need to know where all the parts go when you put it back together. Make sure you remove the humidifier if there is one. Wipe down the whole exterior and get into the cracks. This removes grime and condensation.

Once a week, set up a bin full of hot soapy water. Use a small amount of dish soap and let it soak. Then make sure to thoroughly rinse out every piece of your machinery. Shake each piece and then put it on a rack to dry. Make sure you wipe off any leftover condensation. CPAP machine maintenance and cleaning don’t have to be hard if you do it regularly.

The Don’ts of CPAP Machine Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning a CPAP machine or any cleaning device doesn’t have to be hard. You know how to prepare your machine and when to clean. Here are a few don’ts you should always keep in mind.

  • Don’t forget about the tubes. These parts might seem small and easy to dismiss. If condensation builds up, they create just as big a problem. Don’t be afraid to do it twice to make sure you get everything.
  • Don’t use wet supplies. Damp is fine. Always make sure you’re prepared with dry lint-free towels to dry your machinery.
  • Don’t use harsh cleaners. It might thoroughly clean your machinery. The problem is harsh cleaners also leave residue behind. This is toxic to users.
  • Don’t break your routine. It’s easy to break out of your schedule when you go on business trips, have family over, and break your other routines. Make sure you’re always prepared and take the time to complete basic cleanings. This is essential for your health. Also, always bring your machine wherever you travel.
  • Don’t dry your machine in the sun. It might seem like a simple way to clean your machine faster. In reality, it warps and yellows your machinery.
  • Don’t leave water sitting in your machinery. This might seem harmless. It gives it time to get stuck in different parts. This leads to mold and other contamination.
  • Don’t use your dishwasher. This seems easier, but it also creates more problems than you realize. A dishwasher is harsh on your CPAP machine.

A CPAP cleaner makes maintenance easier when you’re using a CPAP machine. To explore your options and find what you need, click here.