Rash from CPAP maskAt BestCPAP, we have long-standing fans of SleepWeaver masks. Indeed, the Advance is one of our top sales CPAP masks. Here is a rundown of our Top 10 reasons for considering it if you have not tried them yet.

  1.  Both masks could be effortlessly cleaned by hand washing with a mild non-scratchy cleansing agent. If required, they could also be sanitized and recycled to be used by individuals in a sleep lab or hospital setting.
  2.  Like a ball, the fabric material swells softly against the face of the patient to create a seal. It should suit the contours of a patient’s face to minimize leaks because it is cloth. The substance often wipes moisture away and decreases rainout.
  3. More sleep – patients may sleep on their back, side, or stomach without rigid buckles or hard clips or faceplates scratching into their skin since they are made of fabric instead of hard plastic. Cloth mask users complain that in the middle of the night they wake up and wonder if it still is on only to find it softly resting in the right place.
  4. People could modify their masks with 5 fun fashionable prints and colors: Camo, Leopard, Tan, Pink, or Blue.
  5. They come with a large and regular cushion to suit a wide diversity of people. A weight tube and a tether strap are also included in the pack.

The two masks have a 90-day warranty and a 30-day cash back guarantee free of charge. Contact your representative at the BestCPAP if you are not happy about it and we’re going to return your money. No excuse for not trying.

Both masks could be easily worn whereas putting on the spectacles, no large T-bars, hence you can comfortably fit on them! People will appreciate a clear line of vision, good for individuals who are oppressive.

    8.This mask is a perfect alternative to customers who complain of their traditional CPAP hard plastic mask that leaves behind hideous and awkward red markings on their faces. Made of soft wicking material all over, this mask provides warmth, minimizes skin discomfort and strip marks on the face.

     9.Very quiet – the masks are made with new, reduced outbreath holes that pass out the air to disregard noise when breathing out. This offers a silent night’s sleep for the person and their bedmate.

10.You don’t just have to take our word, try it yourself and see why 12 percent of all cpap.com nasal users have moved to the cloth mask.

At the very best, sleeping with a CPAP mask is not easy to get a decent night’s sleep. However, patients can use Latex Free CPAP Mask Fabric to minimize pain and also to be free of all skin irritations. Biomed is a leading supplier of Sleep Apnea chin belts for ResMed for more than 30 years. It is renowned for making high-quality CPAP masks using patented medical grade fabrics. BestCPAP has a patent in all CPAP mask applications for quality, high-quality latex-free materials.

What are the benefits of using Latex Free CPAP Fabric?

How to keep CPAP mask from slippingThe key advantages of using a free latex fabric are the ability to fit well with your face when sleeping on a pillow. The soft fabric helps patients to move easily without worrying that their skin will be pushed by hard plastic in the night.

The CPAP fabric also ensures that the mask tightly adapts to the face of the patients by using its soft-sponge feel, allowing the CPAP mask to expand and contract while the patient is asleep. Thus, the CPAP Fabric promotes a firm seal which reduces leakage.

For quality latex-free fabrics for the use of a CPAP mask, BestCPAP understands the completely necessary requirement. Research also reveals that the majority of patients sleep sideways and thus need a latex-free, lightweight CPAP strap that takes up less space on their face. BestCPAP provides CPAP masks to side sleepers using the best technology. If you are feeling uncomfortable sleeping with your mask, do not worry since at BestCPAP we will help you. Call us today!

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