CPAP machine side effectsCPAP machines are a popular prescription for sleep apnea, a sleep disorder characterized by continuous night breathing interruptions. Although it is a safe machine that is considered to be used, it has a number of common side effects – especially for a new person. There is also a danger of their use, though they are almost entirely regulated by you. BestCPAP ensures that you get the right CPAP machine.

This article discusses the side-effects of the CPAP machine if you have considered using or you are new to the use of one of these devices. With this knowledge, you can decide how to use it, manage it and fix any problems you might have.

Use of CPAP Machine

The most successful treatment of sleep apnea, a possible dangerous sleeping condition, is the Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP), which is characterized by a continuous start and a stop of breathing during the night. Both signs of sleep that could be induced by sleep apnea are exhausted despite adequate sleep, loud snoring, and general malaise. If you worry that this may be a cause for your bad nights, a doctor will definitely be able to test and diagnose.

How a CPAP Machine Functions

A CPAP device is an effective small compressor. It pulls in air temperature and forces it to provide a constant flow to avoid obstruction of breath. It filters air and may also supply a moist air supply by using a hot water humidifier tank. The air is taken to a mask that the sleeper uses through a hose.

You must first have a diagnosis of sleep apnea for this procedure, which is possible on prescription only. Multiple types of masks are required for your needs and comfort as well as different designs and machinery models for transportation and technology. People with sleep apnea can encounter up to 100 interruptions a night, and these machines can minimize, or even avoid, these occurrences completely.

Popular CPAP Machine Use Side Effects

CPAP machine Anything that is intended to be used daily, is generally followed by side effects and common problems. For new users of the CPAP machine, this is particularly true. This illustrates problems that are frequently dealt with and corrected in order to make the sleeping experience more comfortable.

CPAP Side Effects on The Lungs

Sometimes, the mistaken size of the mask is the source of leaks.  There are various masks and multiple sizes that fit your sleep style and your doctor will help you get the best fit.  Maintaining the mask which fits you best would help with irritation.

Distress With Using Mask

Some people battle to wear a mask during the night only because it’s new. Others will fight with a sense of claustrophobia because they don’t get used to anything on their faces. As mentioned, there are various styles – some less stringent than others, so please talk to your doctor. But one way of getting used to the mask’s feeling is giving it time and wearing it while you sit back and relax while reading or watching the television.

Night mask removal

You may wish to invest in a machine with an auto-on/off feature and a wake-up alarm if you find yourself accidentally removing the mask during the night. You may not be able to regulate your movements when you sleep, but it is more likely that your mask is replaced by waking and sleeping triggered by sleep apneas, which is less disruptive.

Intolerance to noise

CPAP machine cleanerCPAP machines are known to be exceptionally quiet and work below 30 dBA. If you notice a noise you might not want in your machine, it is important for it to be checked to make sure it works properly. You may easily try a soft earplug, or even use a gentle white noise sound machine to block it if you are sensitive to the sound of your machine.

Hazards of CPAP Machines

When you don’t clean or maintain your machine, hazardous situations will generally arise. Any common signs of warning that has become a concern is when you get sick or suffer frequently from headaches. In your machine, you can easily harbor mold, mildews, and bacteria. And these germs can also persist once again while you are diseased and attack your immune system.

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