how to clean cpap machineYou might assume that since you have healthcare insurance, the expense of your CPAP machine is protected. CPAP machinery insurance policy is becoming more difficult every year, and insurance will eventually cost you much more than spending out-of-pocket. It all depends on your policies.

We highly recommend that you check your coverage before buying your CPAP unit. Things to be considered include the right prices, leasing vs. owning, non-refundable supplies, minimal supplies, stock availability, and long-term customer service.

Insurance-Certified CPAP Suppliers May Charges

For durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers associated with insurance firms can charge much higher CPAP supplies and equipment costs. Their partnership with insurance providers offers an incentive to push up the price of the commodity.

Alternatively, cash-paying stores, such as the CPAP Store, have greater motivation to compete. As the competition drives business, direct-to-consumers, marketers need to keep costs down to cater to consumers and run discounts or deals. When you measure the breakdown, you can see that you potentially save money by opting to pay out-of-pocket.

Some CPAP Products are Not Reimbursable by Insurance

Review the health care coverage again. Just because the doctor agrees and also prescribes CPAP therapies (i.e. CPAP sanitizers) to tackle your sleep apnea does not mean that the device is covered. There are some items that the insurer has considered non-refundable, which ensures that you will still have to pay out of pocket. 

In these situations, it’s worth doing research and some internet shopping. Find out sales or offers, sign up for updates, and compare the expense to an e-commerce retailer against a DME supplier.

Can You Access Insurance Coverage for Your CPAP Cleaner?

frugent cpap cleanerCPAP cleaners are becoming increasingly popular with consumers because of their versatility and performance. Many have then raised the question: are CPAP cleaners still covered by insurance?

The response to that is no.

Currently, most insurance companies do not include CPAP cleaners in their policies. How, then, would you take advantage of some CPAP cleaner insurance? There are two options: you can use the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or the Health Savings Account (HSA) for transactions related to CPAP cleaners.

The truth is that most consumers tend to work on a small budget but still believe they ought to have access to a CPAP cleaner checkout. We will attempt to answer a few critical questions on insurance options’ key topics for our beloved CPAP cleaning machines.

Let us talk about a few.

Does Medicare Cover CPAP Cleaners?

Sadly, Medicare does not pay for the cleaner of the CPAP. Medicare typically provides irrespective of that, sleep apnea treatment. The same relates to the leasing and purchasing of CPAP machines. Medicare can only pay for medical services and devices if the provider uses a unique number of Medicare suppliers.

What’s the HSA?

It merely refers to the Health Saving Account. In this arrangement, the funds entered into those accounts will be rolled over for a year. A family could contribute a limit of $6900 in 2019. Nowadays, it is common for health care providers, which are mainly employer-based, to have such a mechanism for savings. However, an employee can sign a non-employer-based health savings plan.

What’s the ASF?

It is, in effect, a pre-tax allowance from employee deductions. Funds secured in this savings account will usually only lastsfor the entire calendar year. This ensures that all funds that remain untouched in this flexible expenditure account will be lost. Also, it can be used for copays and similar health-related uses.

Does SoClean Enjoy Insurance Cover?

cpap cleaning machines covered by insuranceSoClean currently does not have insurance policies. However, you can use the funds held in the ESA or HSA to purchase a Soclean Cpap Cleaner. Both the ASF and HSA will have excellent cost-reducing solutions. If you want to ensure that your cleaning machine receives insurance benefits, here are the best choices.

Can the HSA Pay for SoClean?

HSA is typically planned to help individuals save cash in emergencies. Therefore, the money saved here goes to the pre-tax budget. This ensures that you are excluded from paying any income tax on it. Similarly, you are excluded from paying taxes on the interest paid on the balance of the fund. Your withdrawals are not taxed if you’re using the money to pay the bill for health care expenses. 

You will never risk this investment when the remaining balance rolls on to the new year. HSA is, therefore, the most beautiful way to make savings in healthcare. Furthermore, if you buy the SoClean 2 device using HSA funds, you would not be responsible for taxation on the machine’s purchase price. 

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