When you standardly wash your CPAP equipment, you need to fill up a sink or basin with warm water and mild soap. You then place all your CPAP equipment (hose, facemask, headgear, and water reservoir) into the water. Typically, you allow the items to stay in the water for the length of time required by the antibacterial soap or cleanser that you are using, then thoroughly wipe each piece with a soft cloth, and lay the gear out to dry. Most items dry pretty quickly; however, you may find that your headgear and face mask could take a longer time. 

When using a CPAP Cleaner, you have two options. Number one is to disconnect your hose from your CPAP and attach it directly to an ozone type CPAP disinfector, turn on the device, and wait for the cleaning cycle to be complete. Number two is to disassemble most of the CPAP gear and place it into the chamber of the Lumin, a CPAP cleaner that uses UV light. You then press a button and wait for the light to signal the end of the cycle. With both types of CPAP cleaners, the devices clean your CPAP equipment in a matter of minutes, with very little prep, no mess, and all parts of your gear are ready to use the moment the cleaning cycles are complete. 

If you are very careful about the cleanliness of your CPAP machine and equipment, there is no doubt that having a CPAP cleaner will make your CPAP regiment easier. Check out our variety of CPAP Cleaners and accessories on BestCPAPCleaner.com today.

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