Lumin CPAP UV softener is the fastest and the simplest means to remove water, contaminants or toxic ozone and clean your CPAP mask, reserve, and other accessories. BestCPAP is always concerned about your well-being and hence it has the best machines.

Lumin’s UV-C light source completes a 5-minute period of disinfection, which decreases dramatically the risk of contamination from poorly purified CPAP, by destroying bacteria and germs 99.9 percent. As the EPA has shown that the ozone used in other systems is the safest disinfectant alternative available on the market, UV-C light causes lung and breathing discomfort at relatively small concentrations.

For today’s hygiene-related CPAP, the Lumin CPAP UV Sanitizer is the perfect maintenance-free accessory. Often, any disinfectant device that can be put into the system drawer is to be used for general purposes for hearing aids, pacifiers, dentures, and even toothbrushes.

Main Features of Lumin CPAP Cleaner

Dedicated to the need for a product that would not harm the CPAP system during disinfection itself and which had zero chance of exposure to a person with lung irritant (no harmful ozone). Everything which can be put on the drawer of the device can also be used as a general disinfectant system for CPAP equipment, dentures, hearing aids, toothbrushes, or even pacifiers.

Non ozone CPAP cleaner

  • Easy and safe to use; simple one-button operation
  • Ultraviolet light kills 99.9% of dangerous viruses, bacteria, fungus, and mold
  • Status indicator lights that show cleaning status
  • The Lumin UltraViolet Sanitizer is complete with the user manual and CPAP sample mask wipes
  • 24-month warranty
  • Fast five-minute decontamination cycle period
  • Has a sleek style suitable for use at the bedside with a minimal footprint
  • Compared To Other CPAP Cleaners
  • 5-minute cleaning cycle vs 2 hours
  • No prewashing of equipment needed
  • $0.00 replacement filter costs
  • Uses Ultra Violet to clean and not dangerous ozone
  • Includes 24-month guarantee vs 12 month

What is the Lumin Sanitizer?

The Lumin CPAP Sanitizer is a UV-C light-disposing device that uses CPAP masks and water chambers to disinfect.  Lumin Sanitizer produces a strong amount of UV light inside a safe chamber within 5 minutes, killing 99 percent of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus. This unit also operates on common household items, including toys for children, car keys, mobile phones, and toothbrushes.

Moreover, the lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Cleaner is used to clear germs and pathogens in any tubing, including heated hoses with the same germicidal UV light.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lumin

Why not ozone?

The California Air Resources Board has passed strict ozone standards at home, cautioning that exposures can cause asthma symptoms and intensify asthma, cause lung illness, cough, chest strain, and breathlessness. The lung physicians also shared their fear that patients were inhaling residual ozone.

How does ultraviolet light work as a disinfectant?

UV light includes light that is less wavelength that is not visible to the human eye, but more wavelength than X-ray radiation. The DNA of biological microorganisms at UV-C wavelengths is harmed such that it cannot repair itself, leading to cell death. The 99.9 percent kill rate of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi or fungus was identified in a Lumin white paper study.

Is the Lumin Available for Sale?

UV CPAP cleanerYes, it is available for sale. But they are currently in increased demand. Next week, we plan to receive a new inventory. If you want one, we will advise BestCPAP to reserve one of the next machines in the CPAP Store.

What items could the Lumin disinfect?

CPAP masks and moisturizer chambers are disinfected by the sun. The light disinfects personal products like toothbrushes, nebulizers, oral tools, toys, pacifiers, hearing aids, etc.

Plastic degradation is known for UV-C. As many CPAP components are made of plastics, how do you use the Lumin in the right way?

The cycle time of UV-C is five minutes. While UV-C degrades certain polymers over time, the short duration of UV-C exposure means that the life of the mask or accessory has not been affected. After 200 hours of exposure, general deterioration begins. In contrast, a year of daily use in conjunction with light equates to 30 hours of exposure to UV-C.

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