CPAP masks are sealed in a triangle around the nose and mouth with a four-point headgear in place. These masks are used for people who snore during sleep and who do not want to use a nasal mask and chinstrap or have little success with it. Overall, CPAP masks with the whole face are more cumbersome and bulky than nasal CPAP masks only because they cover the mouth and nose. BestCPAP sells full face masks that make you comfortable. 

Why may I require a hybrid mask or full face mask?

best full CPAP masksIf your mouth is open during sleep, a full face or hybrid mask may be chosen to allow for nose and mouth CPAP airflow. The key reasons why you need a total facial mask are;

  • If you are congested because of seasonal allergies or cold, you would like to use a full facial mask.
  • It is not possible to breathe just through your nose. You have chronic sinus problems.
  • Your mouth is open during sleep and your treatment criteria have not been met with a chinstrap with a facial, nasal, or nasal pillow mask.

What are my choices if I breathe through my mouth?

Individuals with a diverged septum, narrow nostrils, seasonal allergies, or chronic sinus problems may breathe through their mouth rather than their nose. You can wear most masks with a few modifications if you are an individual who breathes through your mouth. If nasal pillows, nasal pendulums, or nasal masks are used, add a chinstrap.

Without a chinstrap, a whole face mask or hybrid mask may be added as the seal covers the neck and mouth. You can breathe through the mouth or nose with a full face mask.

When you have chronic sinus problems, a full face mask or an oral face mask is an excellent choice. Oral masks function well for blocked nasal passages in mouth respirators. You need to use an oral mask heated humidifier. Please see our masks on Mouth Breathers if you are a mouth breather who can’t or don’t want to wear a chinstrap.

Here are some suggested things that will help you breathe through your mouth:

  •    Full Face Masks
  •    Chinstraps
  •    Hybrid Masks
  •    Oral Masks

Fitting my full face mask?

Start by placing your mask loosely on the straps with your mask attached to your long hose and the CPAP/BiPAP unit. Only lie on the bed and turn the airflow on. Tighten each strap across your face from one attachment to another starting with one of the supporting links on your forehead. Tighten the straps as firmly as possible to keep the mask in place.

This helps the coil to hold a seal when traveling. There is a propensity to tighten up a full facial mask that raises the face off one side of the other.

What mask should I pick, I’ve got a diverged septum?

 CPAP best for mouth breathersYou probably breathe through your mouth with a deviated septum. A mask that transmits air into the mouth will not be as effective as a mask that transmits air into the mouth. You are best served by a full-face mask, hybrid mask, or oral mask.

If you wake up in the morning and find your mouth dry, it’s most possibly because you breathe through your mouth. For Mouth Breathers, choose the best masks to use.

What sort of mask works for full-bearded people?

Complete bearded CPAP customers want nasal pillow masks. Recall using a chinstrap if you are a person who breathes through your mouth.

For CPAP users with full beards, full face masks fit well. One tip is the lanolin smoothing of the bar to soften the bar that holds the seal.

Masks that have a gel or foam coil can be ideal for facial hair because they can shape the face more easily to make a seal.

Complete face masks cover the whole face and can also be an option for facial hair users.

Tips for the first-time use of CPAP mask   

Ask the technician to allow the airflow from the hose to feel on your hand before you get hooked to the CPAP machine. It’s breezy and beautiful. When felt through a mask, it will feel much less breezy

Breathe through your mouth as the sleep technician puts the mask on you.

Please spend a few moments while sitting up “practicing breathing” on the CPAP mask. It’s going to work! You can do that. You can. You may also get asleep during wear.

You will need to ask the technician to show you how to remove the mask easily and how to detach the mask from the pipe or CPAP system to make you more mentally relaxed. The technician will telephone you during the night in case you forget.

Getting the best CPAP mask

Are you having sleep apnea and you need a full mask? Contact Best CPAP cleaners for affordable CPAP masks. You can reach us through our customer service line on (855) 275-8951

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