Sleep apnea is nothing new, it is a common disorder, and CPAP therapy has been around for many years. The basics of CPAP therapy have not changed much, but overall treatment has come a long way. Diagnosing and treating sleep apnea and other sleep disorders has become easier and more accurate.

The following are five of the most significant advancements in sleep apnea treatment:

  1. More comfortable masks- When most people think of CPAP therapy they picture the big, bulky masks that were standard years A CPAP Cleaning Device Will Keep Your CPAP equipment safeago. These masks were uncomfortable, loud, and ugly, but they did the job. However, many people who required CPAP therapy were not compliant because of the discomfort these masks brought. Fortunately, CPAP masks have come a very long way. Full-face masks are smaller and much more comfortable, and others minimally obstructive options have become available such as the nasal pillow and nasal mask. You no longer have to sleep on your back to use your sleep apnea device. The masks today accommodate even active sleepers who move a lot throughout the night. If you tried CPAP therapy but discontinued treatment because of the mask, talk to your doctor about trying it again because now you have many options. The chances are that you will find something that works for you.
  2. Quieter and programmable machines- The sleep apnea machine, which is what pumps and humidifies the air has also come a long way. Old CPAP machines were loud, bulky, and not integrated with other aspects of treatment. The basic foundation of CPAP therapy is the continuous positive airway pressure set at a precise rate determined by your doctor. Older machines required a technologist to adjust the pressure settings. However, today’s devices have built-in controls that allow for easy adjustment. Newer machines are barely the size of a shoebox and are simple to use. They are also very quiet due to layers of soundproofing.
  3. Wireless tracking and analysis- CPAP therapy has always been an effective sleep apnea treatment. Patient compliance rates were the problem. The discomfort of the equipment mixed with having to drag your machine to the doctor for them to see your numbers lead to most patients giving up on treatment. Thanks to technological advancements, these issues have been solved. Most machines nowadays automatically transmit data to the doctor. This feature allows doctors to see a complete patient profile that includes usage rates and patterns throughout the night. Patients are no longer required to haul their sleep apnea equipment to the doctor for them to get a report.
  4. Sleep mapping apps- Sleep tracking and mapping apps provide patients with an easy to follow data analysis similar to what their doctor sees. These apps encourage patient involvement in their sleep apnea treatment and allow patients to see the progress they have made. When patients can see that their treatment is providing results, they are much more likely to remain compliant.
  5. CPAP cleaners- Another factor that has lead to low compliance rates with CPAP therapy in the past is that the equipment must be VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleanercleaned daily. The standard method of cleaning CPAP equipment has been soap and water. While this does the trick, it is time-consuming and inconvenient. Most people are in a rush in the morning to get out the door and do not have time to wash all of their equipment in time for it to air dry for the following night’s use. CPAP cleaners such as”
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    href=””>VirtuCLEAN solve this problem. This CPAP cleaning device uses ozone to completely clean and sanitize your machine in 30 minutes. It uses no water or solution, so it does not require any additional time to dry. It offers a much quicker way to clean your CPAP equipment and also does a better job because the ozone can reach every nook and cranny.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Is Easier Than Ever

All of these advancements are leading to higher compliance rates and is great news for those with sleep apnea. Leaving the condition untreated is dangerous and can lead to chronic lifelong diseases, and even a shorter lifespan. Visit our website to learn more about CPAP therapy and to get more information about the CPAP cleaner VirtuCLEAN.