It can be hard to stick with your new years resolution, especially if you don’t have a plan for how you will accomplish your goal. As January turns to February, the old habits that you are trying to break can come back to you. Most new years resolutions, such as losing weight or eating healthier, require a significant lifestyle change to achieve. Without a plan in place to change your life, any small changes you make are likely to last a month or two at most. Research has shown that habits can be incredibly hard to break, with certain centers of the brain hardwired to do the same things.

One major change you can make that is likely to help with all the others is treating the sleep apnea that you may have suffered from for years. Treating the cause of your sleep apnea can relieve many of the problems that plague you as you try to make considerable life changes in other areas. Often you can trace problems like lack of energy, irritability, insomnia and other common ailments back to sleep apnea. Here are some of the popular new year’s resolutions that are much easier to accomplish when you get proper treatment for sleep apnea.

Weight Loss and Eating Better

Regular use of a CPAP machine not only helps you sleep better but in doing so it can also help you lose weight.Regular use of a CPAP machine not only helps you sleep better but in doing so it can also help you lose weight. Some of the worst habits that cause you to gain the most weight can stem from the lack of a good night’s sleep, including:

  • Waking up in the night and eating a midnight snack to help you get back to sleep.
  • Having a few alcoholic beverages to help you get to sleep. Many sleep apnea sufferers anticipate tossing and turning all night and think a glass or two of wine will help them get a better rest. However, alcohol can inflame the airway, leading to worse snoring than before.
  • Taking naps to combat sleepiness during the day instead of doing something active that burns calories.

Getting a New Job or Starting a New Hobby

The increased energy you get as a result of CPAP treatment makes it much easier for you to start a new job, workout plan or hobby. Untreated sleep apnea patients often feel the need for a midafternoon nap, or else they feel lethargic and sleepy all evening. With proper CPAP treatment, the airway stays open as you sleep, which leads to better, uninterrupted rest. This helps your body have more energy throughout the day, making it possible to do something fun later on in the day when you get done working.

Spending Less

With better overall health and fewer symptoms of sleep apnea regularly affecting you, chances are you’ll save money on doctor’s appointments and medications. When you add up all the expenses associated with these visits, including time off work, travel expenses, and any co-pays you must pay out of your own pocket, this can be a significant saving.

Important Tips for Successful CPAP Machine Use

Important Tips for Successful CPAP Machine UseLike any life change, using a CPAP regularly will take some time and adjustments to get used to. At first, you may find the mask uncomfortable. Practice wearing the mask during the day and as you take naps to see if it becomes more natural. You can also try different kinds of masks to see if you prefer a smaller one that does not restrict the bottom part of your face.

Once you are in the habit of using the machine, there are several things you should do to keep the unit working optimally. Use distilled water to fill the machine and wipe the surface of the machine down with a soft cloth to stop dust accumulating and feeding into the water supply.

Regular use of a CPAP machine will cause it to get dirty and keeping it clean is a vital part of getting real relief. If you are ready to keep your CPAP machine clean and improve your health, the VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaner is the best way to stay on top of it. To get your VirtuCLEAN unit today, click here.