How to clean resmed CPAP machineDid you know that after some time items tend to become very moldy? even if you did not deliberately present bacteria to the objects, they flourish and that is the reason you are supposed to clean them regularly in order to avoid being sick. For the same purposes, you must clean the CPAP. Get quality CPAP machines from BestCPAP that will prevent you from illnesses.

Don’t forget to clean your CPAP apparatus and machine while you are cleaning your other equipment! Learn how to keep CPAP clean in order to prevent sickness.

Can I Use Vinegar When Cleaning CPAP Mask

Your CPAP mask is supposed to be cleaned regularly since it touches your face. Bacteria and dead skin cells could collect on your mask as well as spreading right to your skin.

Remove and set aside the headgear unless you want to clean it with your mask. Dismantle all the pieces of the mask from the tubes.

Then rinse each piece thoroughly and allow them to air dry completely until you put your mask back together. It can take a bit longer to dry your headgear.

In soft, soapy water with a little Vinegar, put on your CPAP mask and swirl it for about five minutes.

Disinfecting Vs Cleaning a CPAP Machine

In general, you better clean your equipment at least once a week, but if you have an upper respiratory infection or allergies you can do it daily or before you use it until you get better.

An exhaustive cleaning would be a great deal since it will remove the risks posed by many bacteria and vinegar and this could be used to occasionally reduce the risks related to fungus and mold.

You should consider a CPAP sanitizer to mitigate the risk of dangerous bacteria or viruses between cleanings if you are one of the millions of CPAP users that fall under the recommended manufacturer’s purification schedule.

A sanitizer is not a substitute for a little elbow grease, however, your CPAP machine and part of the components should also be periodically washed out to extract body oils and skin cells.

The Best Ways Of Cleaning Your CPAP Machine

Why it is important to clean a CPAP

Mild soap for cleaning CPAPWhen your CPAP is not washed, it will accumulate bacteria, dust, germs, and mold within the CPAP system, which makes you sick more often. Bacteria and mold could also lead to infections such as pneumonia or sinus. Moreover, they can give you allergic reactions.

It is important always to keep your CPAP clean since you will benefit entirely from it by ensuring that you avoid illness as much as possible. It will help you save money because it helps to keep the equipment clean for a more durable time so that parts don’t have to be replaced often.

CPAP Cleaning Requirements

Anything you require to clean your CPAP is most probable near you or in your house! All you require is:

  •         Vinegar
  •         Space to allow your equipment to dry
  •         A mild soap or dish detergent
  •         Warm, clean water
  •         Clean, dry towels

Cleaning Your CPAP Hose

 CPAP water chamber residueThe moment it comes to cleaning the CPAP, the tube or hose is supposed to actually be cleaned every week such that they are bacteria and mold-free. Clean it by putting it in warm water with some droplets of mild cleansing agent added and spin it around.

Carefully clean the hose and hang it somewhere so that it can dry. It is important and recommended that you hang it somewhere on top of a towel rack to ensure that it completely dries out.

Can I Use Bleach to clean my CPAP?

Think not even about it! Do not even think! Bleach can be harmful to your health if you dilute it with water. The smoke will hang over your equipment and irritate your lungs. Moreover, any bleach on your equipment could burn and corrode them.

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