What Do You Need to Do to Operate Virtuclean?When you first begin using a CPAP unit to help alleviate the problems associated with sleep apnea, you may not even be aware that you need to use a CPAP machine cleaner. No one may have mentioned to you the need for regular maintenance of this piece of equipment. However, over time, chances are you will notice a decline in how well the machine works without regular cleaning. You may see the symptoms of your sleep apnea returning or notice allergy-like symptoms that you never suffered from before starting to plague you.

Purchasing and using a CPAP cleaner as seen on tv keeps your appliance effective and stops the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold. Because the CPAP machine uses humidity to help provide relief from the symptoms of sleep apnea, it is important to act to stop these growths before they can take hold. Even a small drop of water that remains sitting in the tubing can turn into mold or bacteria over time. Keeping the machine clean ensures that you continue to get relief from the symptoms of sleep apnea even if you keep your CPAP machine for many years in the future.

One of the best cleaners for CPAP machines on the market today is the Virtuclean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. The Virtuclean device works to clean the CPAP machine, tubing and face mask without the additional introduction of water, soap or cleaning solution. This prevents the need for a long drying time after cleaning the unit and keeps you from having to stock up on a solution before you can clean your CPAP machine. In just 30 minutes, the process works to clean the pieces of the unit and eliminate all bacteria present in the tubing or mask.

What Do You Need to Do to Operate Virtuclean?

Cleaning your CPAP machine should be as easy a process as possible. You do not want to have to struggle with a complicated cleaning process that involves special brushes and elbow grease. Instead, opt for a CPAP machine cleaner that does the hard work for you.

The process of cleaning the CPAP machine with the Virtuclean device is simple and easy. You just follow these steps to clean the unit:

  • Disconnect the tubing from your CPAP machine and re-connect the PAP tubing to the VirtuCLEAN device.
  • Place the CPAP mask in the VirtuCLEAN bag and ozone enriched area.
  • Press the button on the Virtuclean device and let it run for 30 minutes.
  • Empty the water from the humidifier chamber. Connect the tubing that was connected to the mask to the empty humidifier chamber.

With this simple process, the CPAP unit is now free of germs and bacteria. VirtuCLEAN will automatically shut itself off once it has finished its 30-minute cycle of fully sanitizing and cleaning the equipment. Just take the pieces out, reassemble the unit and use it as before. There is no wait or drying time needed.

Why Choose Virtuclean as Your CPAP Cleaner?

Why Choose Virtuclean as Your CPAP Cleaner?Some of the reasons to choose Virtuclean include:

  • The Virtuclean CPAP Cleaner is compact and lightweight to make it easy for anyone to use and store. It weighs half a pound, which is light enough for virtually anyone to lift and carry.
  • Ultra-Quiet CPAP Cleaning means you can do this anytime without disrupting your whole household.
  • Hands-Free operation makes it easy to use, even for people with limited mobility or senior citizens. Just press a button and the rest is done for you.
  • The CPAP cleaning process kills 99.9% of germs to leave your CPAP machine cleaner than ever
  • The process is fast and easy, making it a snap to incorporate into your regular cleaning routine. You can simply start the cleaner and walk away since there is nothing more for you to do. Come back in half an hour and all the work is done for you.
  • The Affordable price makes it easy for anyone to purchase and use routinely. There is no expensive soap or cleaning solution to constantly buy to use this CPAP cleaner. The unit comes with a rechargeable battery and does not use filters, so there are no reoccurring expenses to worry about after the initial purchase.

If you have been using your CPAP machine for some time without cleaning it, now is the time to start doing this regularly. Once you clean your CPAP machine thoroughly, you will notice that it works better and gives you more relief than before. Try Virtuclean today and feel the difference for yourself.