One of the reasons people neglect CPAP maintenance is due to an inability to fit regular cleaning into an already packed schedule. Just like other household tasks, it can be easy to disregard cleaning your CPAP until you see signs of the machine not working correctly. However, cleaning your CPAP machine is more important than watering your plants or changing the filter in your air conditioner. Since you are breathing air that comes from the CPAP machine all night long, any bacteria or mold is sure to enter your airways and can eventually cause health issues. In extreme cases, when the unit doesn’t get cleaned for an extended period, mold can begin to grow. Having these irritants in your air supply is likely to create additional respiratory problems.

How Long Does It Take to Clean a CPAP Machine?An excellent way to avoid neglecting your CPAP is to inform yourself about the options you have for cleaning your CPAP machine. The length of time it takes to clean your CPAP machine on a weekly basis can vary based on how you choose to clean the machine and what kind of equipment you use. Choosing a method that is both quick and effective will make it easy for you to incorporate regular cleaning into your routine.

Soap and Water Cleaning

On average, soap and water cleaning can take several hours each week, and special cleaning equipment is required. In addition to the cleaning solution, you’ll need brushes, cleaning cloths and gloves. Since you need to get into every inch of the machine, tubing, and masks, you may need to get a range of small brushes to keep the machine pristine and stop bacteria growth. Using a CPAP mask cleaner solution will help you get rid of microscopic growths that the naked eye cannot see.

Cleaning your CPAP with soap and water is an active process, so you will have to place the components in a bucket and do the scrubbing yourself. Once you’ve scrubbed everything clean, you’ll also need to allow time for the pieces to dry. If each piece does not dry properly, the moisture can promote mold growth inside the components, defeating the purpose of cleaning the unit in the first place.

This process is not only time consuming; it can be arduous for older people, patients who are not in good physical shape and people with disabilities. Many patients search for a better, easier way to keep their machine clean, like using the VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaner and sanitizer.

Ozone Based CPAP Cleaner

VitruCLEAN’s cleaning cycle is only 30 minutes long. All you need to do is place the mask in the VirtuCLEAN bag, connect the tubing and press the button to start the cycle. To clean the humidifier portion of your CPAP, you simply connect the VirtuCLEAN via the tubing to that portion and press the start button.

Ozone Based CPAP CleanerDuring the time that the VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaner is working, you can watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix or do other chores around the house. The VirtuCLEAN is entirely handsfree and safe. Not only do you not have to participate in the cleaning process, but you also do not even have to supervise as the unit cleans. The cleaning cycle is whisper quiet, allowing you to work on whatever else you like uninterrupted as it cleans. You can even allow the unit to run and leave the house if you need to. When you come back, the cleaning process will be done, and your CPAP machine will be sanitized. All you must do is reassemble the CPAP machine, and you are ready to use it again.

In addition to being much easier to complete, the ozone cleaning process is much more effective than soap and water scrubbing. This is because ozone automatically neutralizes any bacteria it touches, killing it on the spot. There is no chance of an ozone-based cleaning system missing a place, the way you might when you scrub the machine yourself.

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