How often do we clean our CPAP equipment?

With every piece of CPAP equipment that is issued, there is a manufactures suggestion as to how often you should clean it or how often you should replace it. Most people wipe down their masks every day and clean out their hose and water reservoir every few days. Though this may seem like plenty of sanitization, it doesn’t take very long for mold spores, bacteria, or fungi to start to grow and build up in your equipment.

If you have any of the CPAP cleaning devices that we offer on, there is no reason you shouldn’t clean your CPAP equipment every day. With the use of the SoClean or the VirtuClean, you will find that cleaning your equipment is as easy as moving a hose and flipping a switch. With the Lumin, you can keep even more items that you use daily as sanitized as all your CPAP equipment as well. Even though your equipment may not need to be disinfected EVERY day, each of these units makes it so easy you might as well add it to your daily routine and increase your safety and peace of mind.

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