A CPAP machine is used to treat a condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition when a person’s airway becomes blocked during sleep. This means that the airflow will stop and the person will be woken from sleep. One of the most common ways of treating sleep apnea is with a CPAP machine.

There are a few different parts that make up a CPAP machine, and some of these parts need to be replaced regularly so that your CPAP machine will keep working properly for you. It is also important to regularly clean your CPAP machine using a CPAP cleaning device. This will help your CPAP machine last longer, and it will also help to prevent your CPAP machine from making you sick.

CPAP Machine Parts and How Frequently You Should Replace Them

The life of a CPAP machine depends on how well it is taken care of. A CPAP machine is intended to be used every night, so it is something that could wear out after just a few years, but it also could last longer than that. However, if you take good care of your CPAP machine and keep it clean, you can expect it to last longer. You will need to replace parts of your CPAP machine regularly, though, to make sure it is working in the best way possible for you. The parts of your CPAP machine include a mask, tubing, and filters. Learn more about how often you need to replace these below.

  • CPAP Mask – Your CPAP mask is a vital part of your CPAP machine. This mask is what ensures the pressurized air gets to your throat to prevent your throat from closing during sleep. If your CPAP mask doesn’t fit well, it reduces the effectiveness of CPAP therapy. Because of the frequent use of your CPAP mask, and the materials it is made out of, the CPAP mask wears out more quickly than some of the other CPAP equipment. That is why CPAP masks need to be replaced regularly. You should replace your CPAP mask approximately every three months.
  • Tubing – The tubing on your CPAP machine will experience normal wear and tear through the course of you using it every night. The tubing can develop cracks and tears, so this is something to watch out for with your CPAP machine. You can expect to replace your tubing a few times a year or about every three months.
  • Filters – Air filters are another vital part of your CPAP machine. The air filters make sure that the air you are breathing in is without dirt, dust, and other particles. The air filters are working to remove these particles from the air every night you use your machine, so they will need to be replaced regularly. You air filters should be replaced about twice a month.

As you can see, several of the parts on your CPAP machine need to be replaced on a regular basis. You will want to keep track of how long you have had the different parts of your CPAP machine so that you can replace them when you need to.

Cleaning Your CPAP Machine

Cleaning your CPAP machine can help this machine last longer for you. A clean CPAP machine will work better and also prevent you from getting sick because of your CPAP machine. A dirty CPAP machine can cause you to have airway irritation, a sore throat, skin irritation, a respiratory infection, and more. A dirty CPAP machine will also start to smell and develop bacteria and more. To avoid these problems, you will want to clean your CPAP machine regularly.

You can clean your CPAP machine with soap and water, but this method is time-consuming, and it takes a while for the tubing of your CPAP machine to dry out afterward. Another option for cleaning your machine is to use a CPAP cleaning device. A CPAP cleaning device like VirtuCLEAN does all the cleaning of your CPAP machine for you in just thirty minutes. To use the VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaner, all you have to do is put your CPAP mask in the VirtuCLEAN bag, attach your CPAP tubing to the VirtuCLEAN device, and turn on the VirtuCLEAN machine. This CPAP cleaning device will do all the work of cleaning your CPAP machine for you. VirtuCLEAN cleans your CPAP machine using ozone, so there is no water mess to take care of. VirtuCLEAN also kills 99.9% of bacteria, so you can rest assured that your CPAP machine is clean when you used it.

Your CPAP machine will help you with your sleep apnea. However, your CPAP machine can only help you if it is working properly. To make sure it is working properly, you need to replace parts when it is time. You also need to be sure you are cleaning your CPAP machine using a cleaner like VirtuCLEAN.