How to Adjust To Life With a CPAP Machine

When you first begin using a CPAP machine regularly, there is a lot to get used to and learn about the best ways to operate the device. Many users report getting better and more restful sleep while using a CPAP machine to alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea. However, there can be an adjustment period as you learn how to make the device work best for you and get comfortable with it in your room. Once you get used to using the machine, you may be surprised to see how much of a difference it makes for you and your loved ones.

Some of the things you will have to get used to including wearing the face mask at night while you sleep, the noise the unit makes, how your use of the CPAP might affect your spouse and regular cleaning of the machine.

Getting Used to The CPAP Face Mask

Getting Used to The CPAP Face MaskAt first, the mask attached to the CPAP machine might feel unnatural to you. This can be hard to get used to, especially as you try to go to sleep. One way to help your body get used to the feeling of the mask is to wear it for short periods of time during the day. You can try wearing it as you take naps to get used to the feeling of wearing the mask as you lay down. This will help your body adjust to the mask and feel more natural as you prepare to sleep.

If you find that there are large gaps or spaces that keep the mask from sitting properly on your face, you may have to revisit your doctor or the store where you bought it to get a new mask. Proper fitting of the mask makes a significant difference in how effective and comfortable the mask is. Some people find that adding a chin strap makes the mask more comfortable and helps it stay on as they sleep. While adding more straps might seem counterintuitive, this can make the mask sit more naturally when you lay down.

Prepare Your Spouse

If you sleep with your spouse, there can be an adjustment period for them as well after you start using the machine nightly. Adding a CPAP machine to your room at night can raise the overall noise level, although it should be minimal. However, if your spouse has grown used to sleeping next to someone with sleep apnea, he or she may already be accustomed to loud noise overnight. Most modern CPAP machines make almost no noise, but if the sound does bother you or your spouse, wearing earplugs may help offset it. Try napping with your spouse to allow them time to get accustomed to the sound and you wearing the mask. This can take some time to adjust and get used to, but most spouses also get a more restful sleep because you no longer wake them several times in the night or snore loudly next to them.

Plan to Use a CPAP machine cleaner

Plan to Use a CPAP machine cleanerOne thing that many new users do not realize is that a CPAP machine that gets used every night needs to be cleaned regularly to continue to work effectively. Without proper CPAP cleaning, bacteria can build up in key parts of the unit. The presence of moisture in the unit can lead to mold growth as well. These elements then contaminate the air fed into your breathing mask. Regular use of a CPAP cleaning device keeps the unit sanitized and working to its full effectiveness.

Choosing the right CPAP cleaner is important. Some CPAP cleaners require you to put a lot of effort into cleaning the mask and tubing with water and manual scrubbing. Others use a water-free process to sanitize the parts of the machine. Investing in a CPAP cleaner that makes the process as simple as possible is a smart idea because you’ll need to keep cleaning the unit regularly for as long as you have it to extend the lifespan of the machine and help it to give you the best relief possible.

As soon as you get a CPAP machine, you should also invest in a CPAP machine cleaner. The Virtuclean CPAP cleaner is a smart choice because it takes less than an hour to clean the crucial components of the machine. It uses ozone instead of water to keep the machine from gathering more water inside and neutralizes any bacteria present.