How to Clean The ResMed CPAP Machine

Cleaning the ResMed CPAP MachineResMed is one of the most esteemed names in the CPAP machine industry. The company has been creating highly-responsive machines that offer exceptional comfort and consistently advanced technologies since 1989.

The brand is renowned for helping the patients get the quality sleep they deserve and excellent customer care support. However, how to clean a ResMed CPAP machine remains a mystery to many users. Cleaning a CPAP machine guarantees optimal performance and, at the same time, extends its lifespan if done correctly.

Daily Clean Up

It is advisable to disconnect the air tubing and hang it in a clean place every day. You should then disassemble the lid, plate, and base. Trying to use warm and clean water with mild detergent is advisable to avoid damages on the CPAP device materials.

If you are wondering how to clean ResMed CPAP tubing, you can find several of the best CPAP cleaners in the market today. The secret is ensuring that you verify whether or not it is safe and effective to use. You will then need to rinse the tub lid with clean water and let them dry, keeping in mind that exposing the device from direct sunlight is not a good idea.

Monthly Maintenance

ResMed CPAP Machine CleaningResMed encourages their patients to separate the machine from the power supply and cautiously wipe the outside with a wet cloth at least once a month. You have to be extremely cautious when cleaning your machine and avoid wetting the electrical areas. Wiping the exterior part of the CPAP therapy machine and humidifier with a clean damp cloth is an ideal practice to ensure a clean ResMed CPAP mask and hose.

Wash the lid with warm water and mild detergent and be very careful when peeling the flip lid seal. After this, you can check for any blockage of dust or dirt on the air filter. It is suggested by the reputable company to change the air tubing every six months or as often as necessary. A hole or blockage in the air filter can significantly affect the pressure delivered to the mask during your sleep.

Disinfecting the Machine

Are you wondering how to clean and assemble ResMed s9 CPAP? It could be a walk in the park if you do it correctly. You need to know that the disinfecting a CPAP machine varies from one region to another. It is wise that you consult your healthcare professional or facility first before sanitizing your machine.

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