Investing in a CPAP machine can be a significant commitment, both in terms of lifestyle changes and expense. The average cost of a CPAP machine can range anywhere from less than a thousand dollars to three thousand dollars at the time of initial purchase. While some health insurance policies will cover this as a medically necessary expense, there are others that will only contribute a portion of the cost and require policyholders to pay the rest on their own.

Virtue CleanerSpending this much on one item can be scary, as most people do not have this kind of money laying around. It can take careful planning and saving to get the money to purchase a CPAP machine. One way to help put your mind at ease about spending the money is to investigate ways to prolong the life of the unit so you can keep it for as long as possible. Through regular maintenance and care, you can help keep your CPAP in peak working condition and avoid having to buy a replacement unit. A well-maintained CPAP can last for many years, though some components will require replacement more often.

Here are some of the ways you can prolong the life of your CPAP machine:

Replace Key Components on Time

While the main part of your CPAP machine is designed to last for the long term, some of the attachments are made of less durable materials that can degrade with regular use. This can cause various issues with the operation of the machine. For example, failing to replace the hose on time can lead to mold growth within the tubing that can spread into the machine itself. Or the overworked hose can develop cracks and tears, which allow the air to seep out before it makes its way up to the mask.

You should consult with the manufacturer of your CPAP machine to see how often to replace the hose, straps, and mask. Typically, this should be done several times a year, before the components show signs of wear and tear. As a rule of thumb, the tubing will need to be replaced most often, every six weeks or so. This will ensure that the machine works optimally and gives you continuous relief each night.

Clean the Unit Each Week

Another way to keep the unit working for a long time is to make sure you clean it properly each week. Regular cleaning will neutralize any bacteria and stop mold growth before it can take hold and damage the unit. Using a CPAP cleaner and sanitizer that uses ozone cleaning, like VirtuCLEAN, makes it easy to stay on top of the cleaning process. This type of CPAP machine cleaner takes less than an hour to clean the key components and keep them sanitized. You don’t have to do any of the scrubbings, and you can feel confident that the pieces of the machine are thoroughly sanitized.

Store the Machine Properly to Avoid Damage

If you live in an active household with kids, pets and more, it can be hard to avoid items getting bumped or knocked over. The CPAP machine is made to be durable, but not to withstand hard impacts, so one good knock can make it stop working. If your family is often in your bedroom, or your pets love to get into your possessions when you aren’t watching, store the machine somewhere safe when you arent using it. Instead of leaving it on the nightstand or next to the bed, place it safely on a high shelf or in a closet until you are ready to go to sleep again. This will reduce the chance of the machine getting dropped on the floor or knocked over.

Invest in the Best CPAP Machine You Can Afford

Invest in the Best CPAP Machine You Can AffordNewer CPAP machines may have a higher initial cost associated with them, but they are also made with the newest features and materials to ensure effective treatment and comfort. They may be more durable and easier to use than a traditional model that costs less. Since you will be using the machine on a nightly basis, it’s well worth purchasing the best one you can afford to give you the most relief.

To help set yourself up for success, you should investigate getting a CPAP machine cleaner as soon as you start using a CPAP machine regularly. Owning a CPAP cleaner from the start will make it easy to get into the habit of using the cleaner on a regular basis. To learn more about the VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaner, click here.