Ozone Cleaning

Like most products, you will find that each CPAP cleaning unit’s retrospective company has advertised for them. There is some marketing involved like there is with any new product; however, this does not mean that the product is not effective. 

There are two standard types of CPAP cleaners. Some sanitizer devices use Ozone to eradicate germs while the other kind of CPAP disinfectors utilizes UV Light. There have been many different studies done regarding the sanitization properties of both Ozone and UV light, and they have found that both do an effective job.  

In fact, there are food processing, scientific labs, and medical facilities that all utilize the cleaning power of both Ozone and UV light. Most dental offices sterilize their equipment with UV light. You can see proof of the effectiveness of these methods of disinfection all around us in our daily lives. Adding this kind of technology into your CPAP routine will not only make your life more simple but cleaner and healthier too.  

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