Is CPAP Machine Cheaper Without Insurance?

When it comes to CPAP devices (or any large purchase), nothing’s worse than overpaying.

Here’s a pro tip when it comes to the cost of a CPAP device:

If you get your equipment through your insurance company, you may overpay for your new machine.

What is the Cost of a CPAP Device with Insurance?

How Much Does a CPAP Machine Cost With Insurance

The cost of a CPAP machine with insurance is always much higher than the cost to purchase it with cash online

The cost of a CPAP machine with insurance is always much higher than the cost to purchase it with cash online.

CPAP equipment can cost a lot, and it may be tempting to have your insurance get you one and make things easy and convenient.

Here are some myths about getting your CPAP device with insurance that you might not have known:

  • Myth #1: Insurance Picks Up Most of the Cost
  • Myth #2: You’ll Acquire the Best Machine

You heard that right. Many individuals assume these things about purchasing a CPAP with insurance, and they’re all false in many cases. We’ll clarify more in a second.

But first, you may be asking the question:

Does insurance cover CPAP devices? Wouldn’t they cover it like any other expenditure?

That’s a good query, and it depends. With most insurance companies, your equipment is covered if you’ve met your annual deductible. If you haven’t met the deductible yet, you’ll be on the hook for the equipment’s cost. This is a prime example of how healthcare can get expensive, and out-of-pocket costs can accelerate much faster than you’d imagine. This is why many individuals are frustrated with their insurance company, and why many people opt to forgo it altogether.

The other thing that commonly happens with insurance is this scheme:

They’ll get you a CPAP machine, but they’ll provide it to you on a rental plan that can cost a lot of money per month. What’s worse, if you miss too many days of treatment, they’ll take it from you.


That’s only the start. Before you go and get a CPAP device through insurance, you’ll want to know more about these myths, so let’s dive in.

Myth #1: Insurance Picks Up Most of the Cost

Most people are used to paying a copay for medications. Most people assume getting a CPAP works the same way. You order a device, they pay most of it, and then you pick up the rest. Easy correct?

When it comes to CPAPs, most insurance organizations don’t work that way. In most instances, you’re paying for the whole thing over time, one way or another. You’ll either:

  • Rent to own the equipment (and may pay much more than what it’s worth).
  • Or you’ll have to purchase it outright (if you haven’t met your deductible).
  • If you have Medicare, you’ll initially pay 20% of the cost and then rent it for 13 months.
  • doesn’t bill insurance for its devices, and it doesn’t accept Medicare. That’s how it’s able to keep our prices low. You’ll have to pay cash, but chances are, even if you purchase a CPAP machine with insurance, you’ll still have to pick up the tab.

You might also save some money in the process.

Myth #2: You’ll Get the Best Device

How Much is a CPAP Machine With Insurance

When getting a CPAP equipment with insurance, most people assume they’ll get the best machine.

When getting a CPAP equipment with insurance, many people assume they’ll get the best machine.

This isn’t always true.

In many instances, the CPAP supplier, your insurance company, recommends is reimbursed the same if you get a great machine or an average one. Therefore, there’s no incentive at all for the CPAP supplier to give you the best machine.

If they give you a cheap, average machine, they can pocket more of the insurance company’s reimbursement than if they give you a more expensive, higher quality equipment. Some companies will provide a high-quality device, but many don’t.

By buying your first machine with, you can choose whether you get a great or average machine. You’re in complete control, and you’ll get the best price.

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