Is SoClean Safe to Use?

Is SoClean Safe to Use Maintaining your CPAP device clean and sanitized at all times is of primordial importance. The market is abounding in CPAP automatic cleaners, and making the correct decision on the best one for you can be difficult. Of course, sellers advertise their products the best they can, and you are tempted to buying the product with the best features and the best description. Though you should always take into account product reviews, written by genuine consumers. Basically, users will write such reviews even after one full year of using the respective product, particularly if they have encountered some issues with the use of the respective cleaner.

The SoClean2 is a common CPAP cleaner, and it is the only kind of Ozone cleaner that requires to be connected to the CPAP machine directly. On all other kinds of cleaners, you have to remove the humidifier chamber from the machine and put it along with the mask and the tubing in a bag (or drawer). On these latter kinds of Ozone cleaners, no Ozone will enter the CPAP machine to lead to any damage. With the SoClean 2, the Ozone truly enters your CPAP machine and damages might occur.

What Reviews Say About Whether SoClean2 Machine Safe to Use

According to honest reviews on the SoClean 2, some users are specifically disappointed with how the cleaner works. Some users have been experiencing major breathing difficulties after putting on the mask at night, while previously having used the SoClean to disinfect their equipment. The major problem was that after disassembling the CPAP unit to check for problems, consumers noted that most of the soft silicone seals were deteriorated and of a brownish color, rather than being intact and of a clear color.
SoClean CPAP CleanerFor instance, the dry box seals found between the water tank and the unit that pumps the air, or the silicone seal found between the lid and the water container were entirely deteriorated. Besides, it seems that the SoClean2 cleaning process also results in damaging the nasal pillows in the mask. Soft silicone parts are incredibly significant, as they offer the needed seal and protection between various parts of the unit. Additionally, the pillows in the mask have the responsibility of providing an optimum seal during therapy.

Some patients even tried to remedy the breathing difficulty by replacing their mask or the hose itself. Though, this turned out to be only a temporary solution, as the problems persisted. The soft silicone seals inside the unit were deteriorated, so replacing the mask or the hose would not be of much assistance. A damaged CPAP air pump leads to high expenses when it comes to replacement -not to speak of the fact that you are not getting appropriate therapy with a damaged CPAP unit.

This is why it is essential to carefully read user reviews to establish whether Soclean is safe to use before investing in a CPAP cleaning unit. You should also carefully check the warranty details of the product and any restrictions or recommendations. Ozone can indeed damage various silicone parts of your CPAP equipment. You invested in your CPAP machine, and you must protect it and clean it correctly and efficiently to enjoy its benefits for a long time. Also, damaging interior silicone parts, this specific Ozone cleaner can damage the pressure sensor or the humidity sensor, since Ozone enters inside the CPAP unit

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