When using the Lumin CPAP sanitizing unit, you cannot sanitize your hose. Unfortunately, the Lumin’s UV light chamber is not designed in a way that we can be assured that all of the tube would be adequately disinfected. The Lumin has produced an accessory that can be purchased to accompany the Lumin called the Lumin Bullet that will be able to sanitize your CPAP hose thoroughly.

The Lumin CPAP Cleaner can effectively sanitize the following pieces of CPAP equipment:
1. The water reservoir
a. You will want to open the tank and place both portions in the light tray facing up as if they were bowls.
2. The CPAP Mask
a. When using the Lumin for daily cleaning, it is ok to set your mask in the light tray with the bowl facing up in an open position. It is recommended that once a week you disassemble your mask and place all of the pieces into the light tray for a more complete cleaning.
3. Your CPAP masks headgear
a. You can set the stretchy elastic piece that holds your mask to your head in the light tray for sanitization as well.

The Lumin CPAP Cleaner can clean non-CPAP related items as well. Some examples are hearing aids, toothbrushes, eyeglasses, hair combs, and more.


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