How kn95 mask works

Did you know that the mask you are putting on can fail to save you from the Coronavirus? The KN95 mask is unique. It is among the masks with near 100% chances of preventing you from getting the Coronavirus.

What is the KN95 Mask?

The KN95 mask is a well-fitting, four-layered mask that shields the users from all manner of particles, big or small. You can use this mask for a longer period, unlike the other types of respirators. The KN95 mask can give efficiency of up to 95% protection.

How the KN95 Mask Looks Like

KN95 example

KN95 representation

The Following are its common specifications:

  • It has four layers-in between; the outer layers are a filtering layer to prevent drops from exiting or entering
  • It has elastic straps
  • A nose clip that you can fit accordingly depending on the shape and size of the face
  • It is thicker than a surgical mask, hardy but soft to the feel.

How does the KN95 Mask Work?

The KN95 mask fits over the nose perfectly well. You have to confirm the fittings in comparison to your face before you purchase it. You cannot wear the KN95 for long because the KN95 design is such that it can only be worn comfortably for not more than 30 minutes. Wearing it for more than that may cause breathing challenges.

Why You Must Shave Beard before Wearing the Mask

A perfect fit is vital for the KN95 to work. It will not fit properly on your face if there is facial hair blocking the respirator from the skin , reducing its effectiveness. The space left will still allow particles to go through and come into contact with your mouth and nose.

Advantages of KN95

  • The KN95 mask design is one that fits perfectly on the face
  • It is thick enough to prevent particles (including fine dust)
  • It is soft and comfortable to the skin despite its slight thickness
  • You can use a single mask for up to one week

Disadvantages of KN95

Gasping for air

Masks can sometimes make you out of breath

  • The KN95 can lead to difficulties in breathing if used for long (can get stuffy and uncomfortable).
  • It does not fit bearded faces.
  • You may suffer respiratory conditions if you use it with other health conditions in your body.
  • There are so many fake ones in the market that are eroding their effectiveness.

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