Lumin CPAP Cleaner: Do I need to reordered supplies?

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Lumin CPAP Cleaner: Do I need to reordered supplies?Unlike some of the other styles of CPAP cleaners out there, the Lumin does not require any additional supplies such as filters or cleaners to work. However, Lumin does offer a few accessories that you can purchase along with their CPAP cleaner that can make your life a little easier.

  • CPAP face mask wipes:
    • These wipes are a soft wet towelette that contains a mild detergent that is acceptable for use on most CPAP masks. These moist towels allow you to safely wipe away any facial oil, hair, or other residues that may build up on your CPAP mask or headgear.
  • The Lumin Bullet:
    • Unlike other CPAP equipment cleaners, the Lumin’s light chamber cannot effectively eliminate all contaminants in the tubing portion of your CPAP gear. Due to this limitation, the Lumin company created an accessory that can be purchased to help cover this gap in sanitization.

The Lumin Bullet is an affordable accessory that completes the sanitization process. With this addition to your daily CPAP disinfection routine, you will be able to sleep with ease knowing the Lumin CPAP cleaning system has made your sleep as hygienic as possible.

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