Lumin CPAP Cleaner FAQs

Does the Lumin use any Ozone?

The Lumin is the only CPAP Cleaner on the market that does not use ozone! This also means that there is no need for ventilation after cleaning. Moreover, you can move on to cleaning the next piece of the device or getting to bed earlier.

Do I Require to Replace any Parts?

The UV bulb is the only part that could be considered replaceable, but it is typically designed to last longer than the equipment itself. Thus, you should not need to replace any parts.

Is the Lumin Safe?

Yes, the Lumin is exceptionally safe. While extended exposure to UV light is not good for your skin, there is an automatic shut off feature when the inner drawer is open that stops the UV light from escaping.

What can I Utilize the Lumin on?

Lumin CPAP Cleaner FAQs
While the Lumin is designed as a CPAP cleaning device, it can essentially handle any item that can fit within its inner drawer. It is intended to fit most CPAP masks and water chambers and disinfect many personal items. This consists of your cell phone, hearing aid, dentures, toothbrush, oral appliance, and many more. While some tubes can be disinfected, not all can as hoses differs significantly in shape, color, and size.

Will the Lumin Result in any Damage to my CPAP Mask or Accessories?

No, it will not. Although prolonged exposure to UV light can weaken plastics and silicone, the cycle time for the Lumin is 5 minutes, making a year of daily utilization of 30 hours of exposure time. As a study verified that the device makes no damage to plastics or silicone in over 150 hours of testing, this shows that it would take more than five years to cause any damage to your mask, far longer than the mask’s lifespan.

Will the Lumin get Rid of any Physical Debris left on my Water Chamber when I Place it Inside?

No, the Lumin will not remove any visible debris left on your device. Thus, it is crucial that you wipe your mask or water chamber clean before placing them into the inner drawer of the Lumin.

Is an Adapter Needed to Use this with Certain Masks or Machines?

No, an adapter is never needed to use the Lumin.

How is the Lumin Utilized?

As a single button equipment, it is about as easy as it gets. Merely clean the inside of your mask system or water chamber with a special CPAP wipes to remove physical residue. Then, open the chamber and place whatsoever you are cleaning face up.

What is the Lumin Bullet?

Lumin Cleaner Questions
The Lumin Bullet is an optional hose cleaner that can be bought separately from the Lumin CPAP Cleaner because the base unit cannot properly clean CPAP hoses.

How Long Should one Charge of the Lumin Bullet last for?

One charge should last for about 30 uses of the Lumin UV Hose Cleaner.

Does the Lumin Bullet Connect to the Lumin?

The Lumin Bullet is a stand-alone accessory, and you do not even require to own a Lumin device to purchase the Lumin Bullet.

Does the Lumin Bullet need Batteries?

The Lumin Bullet uses a USB charger. When it is fully charged, it will flow green, indicating that it is ready for use.

What does the Blinking Blue Light show?

The flashing blue indicator light indicates that the Lumin Bullet is working correctly.

How can I Clean the Lumin Bullet Case?

The Lumin Bullet should be cleaned down with a moist cloth and air-dried. Submerging it in water can destroy the product, so please be sure not to do this. As well, do not utilize any cleaning solvents or harsh chemicals.

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