Picking the Correct Sanitizer for Your CPAP Machine: Lumin vs. SoClean

Has your doctor suggested a CPAP machine for you? Has any member of your family got a recommendation to use a CPA device? A CPAP machine assists a person to breathe better at night. After a diagnosis of sleep apnea, there is a regular occurrence of information overload. It is prudent to get the facts about Lumin CPAP cleaner and the SoClean CPAP sanitizer. Read on to get more information about these two CPAP cleaners.

Lumin vs. SoClean: Which is Right for You?

Lumin CPAP Machine Cleaner and SanitizerLumin and SoClean are the most popular solutions for cleaning and sanitizing the CPAP machine without using water or chemicals. When cleaning your machine using any of these sanitizing devices, you need to start by opening the lid of the cleaning machine. Afterward, you should place the CPAP mask inside and close the lid. Based on CPAP cleaner reviews consumer reports, there is no need to take your CPAP mask and hose apart when cleaning. That makes cleaning easier.

Before making the purchase decision, it is good to compare Lumin CPAP cleaner and soclean 2 CPAP cleaner. The Lumin sanitizing system is compatible with almost all CPAP brands and models. It is an easy way to clean and sanitize the CPAP mask, hose, and water chamber with an intense ultraviolet light that kills 99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, and mold. This light works to disinfect your CPAP parts without using water or harsh chemicals. Notably, the lumin CPAP cleaner is fast, taking only five minutes to clean your machine.

SoClean reviews indicate that the SoClean CPAP cleaner is compatible with numerous CPAP models and brands. It eliminates 99.9% of CPAP bacteria and germs. Besides, it does not use any water or chemicals in the cleaning process. Unlike Lumin, SoClean utilizes ozone to disinfect and sanitize the CPAP device accessories, including the mask, hose, and reservoir.

Maintenance tips for your CPAP machine

Soclean CPAP Hose and Mask CleanerIt is inevitable to look for lumin vs. soclean cleaning tips if you own the CPAP equipment. Otherwise, keeping your device dirty will only reduce its average lifespan. Below are some generalized CPAP machine maintenance tips and tricks. Note that you may get in other CPAP cleaner reviews.

  • Clean your CPAP machine regularly. To avoid forgetting, many people include cleaning their CPAP equipment into their morning routine.
  • Keep out your device from direct sunlight to avoid damaging.
  • Always place your CPAP machine on a level surface to avoid interfering with the air intake.
  • Keep a calendar of when to order replacement parts for your device to ensure it is always ready to use and get the most out of the device during CPAP therapy.

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