Lumin CPAP and Mask Sanitizer and Disinfectant

How Does the Lumin CPAP cleaner Work?

Lumin CPAP cleaner reviews
The Lumin CPAP sanitizer operates by emitting high energy light within a narrow spectrum, referred to as UV-C. The 3B Lumin CPAP cleaner machine relies on a high-quality germicidal lamp designed to produce the highest amounts of UV radiation, where 90% of energy is produced around 254nm.

This radiation is unbelievably near to the peak of the germicidal efficiency curve of 265nm, the most lethal wave to microbes. The dose of UV-C discharged in one 5-minute cycle is enough to kill most bacteria and mold on a surface area. Using Ultraviolet is eco-friendly, leaves no residue or poisonous gases or chemicals behind.

Why Should I Sterilize my CPAP Mask?

Moisture lodged in your CPAP mask and humidifier ends up being a breeding place for pathogens, such as bacteria, and mold. Keeping your CPAP mask and humidifier free of harmful germs and bacteria helps avoid falling sick from germs in your CPAP.

Are There any Supplies that Require to be Reordered?

No. The Lumin needs no replacement parts whatsoever. The Lumin cleaning tool relies on a unique germicidal UV-C bulb that is rated for 9,000 hours. Thinking that the Lumin cycle is only 5 minutes, the day-to-day use of the gadget would need a total of 5.5 hours. In other words, the source of light in the Lumin ought to quickly last longer than the life of the gadget and need not to need changing. In the event the bulb is harmed, replacement bulbs are available online.

Will the Lumin CPAP Mask Cleaner Damage My CPAP Mask or Devices?

No. While long exposure times to UVC can deteriorate plastics and silicone; the Lumin cycle time is just 5 minutes. One year of everyday usage amounts to 30 hours of real exposure time. In accelerated aging tests, 3B has verified no damage to plastics or silicone in over 150 hours of screening, roughly comparable to 5 years of day-to-day usage.

Which Accessories Does the Lumin Disinfect?

Lumin will sanitize any product that can fit in the drawer. It is created to manage most CPAP masks and water chambers. The Lumin is likewise beneficial for disinfecting any items that fit in the drawer, including mobile phone, hearing help, oral home appliances, etc. 3B Medical recommends using Lumin twice a week as part of your CPAP maintenance schedule.


Does 3B Lumin CPAP and Mask Cleaning Device Cause a Smell?

Lumin CPAP cleaner burnt smell
Ultraviolet has no smell. The large numbers of Lumin customers experience no smell. If there is an odor, it is likely similar to the odor of burnt hair. UVC light eliminates pathogens by ruining DNA with high energy light.

If your device has a smell, please wash thoroughly with a humid fabric utilizing Dawn liquid detergent and then dry with a paper towel. Run one cycle with the drawer empty and let the gadget sit overnight. The next day, your system should have no smell.

How Do I Utilize the Lumin Cleaning Device?

Lumin CPAP cleaner and sanitizer device is a single button device. It actually might not be any simpler. First, clean the within your mask and cushion with a wipe to get rid of any physical residue. If disinfecting your humidifier water chamber, open the chamber and place it in the drawer face up. If sanitizing your mask, lay your mask in the drawer face up. Close the drawer and press the button.

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