Sleep apnea is a condition where breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. Often, when the breath stops, the person is awoken from sleep which leads to problems with sleep deprivation. Common signs and symptoms associated with sleep apnea include loud snoring, gasping for air during sleep, difficulty staying asleep, excessive daytime sleepiness, morning headaches, and irritability. This is a serious condition because sleep apnea can lead to more serious medical conditions like high blood pressure, heart problems, type 2 diabetes, liver problems, and more.

One of the most common ways to treat sleep apnea is by using a CPAP machine. A CPAP machine brings pressurized air to a person via a facemask while they are sleeping. This pressurized air prevents the breathing from stopping because it prevents the airway from closing up. A CPAP machine is a great way to treat sleep apnea, but there are some cleaning and maintenance that is involved with a CPAP machine. Learn more about how to handle that below.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Different Parts of Your CPAP Machine

A CPAP machine is made up of a few different parts. These parts include a mask, filters, tubing, and a humidifier. Since you use your CPAP machine every night, there are certain things you need to do to correctly clean and maintain it.

  • Cleaning and Replacing Your CPAP Mask – You will use your CPAP mask every night, and every night you will breathe air in through this mask. It is easy for this mask to collect germs and bacteria, so you will want to be sure you are cleaning your CPAP mask every day. It is also important to remember to wash your face every night before you put your CPAP mask on. This will help keep your mask cleaner and in better condition. As far as replacing your mask, you will need to replace your mask every three to six months because it will wear out and be less effective. You will want to replace the cushions on your mask even more frequently than that. The cushions should be replaced one or two times a month.
  • Cleaning and Replacing Your CPAP Filters – Cleaning the filters of your CPAP machine is also a good idea. Your filters try to get the dust and dirt out of the air that you will breathe in. Cleaning your filters a few times a week will ensure that you are breathing in cleaner air. Your filters also will need to be replaced routinely. These can be replaced about twice a month.
  • Cleaning and Replacing Your CPAP Tubing – Your CPAP tubing will also collect germs and bacteria pretty easily. Your tubing is also something you will want to clean daily. As for replacing your tubing, you will want to do so a few times a year. Your tubing will experience wear and tear, and eventually, it will develop cracks and tears. This will significantly reduce the effectiveness of your machine so it will have to be replaced.

As you can see, there is a good amount of maintenance and cleaning that goes into a CPAP machine. To learn more about the best way to clean your CPAP machine, keep reading.

How Should You Clean Your CPAP Machine?

As discussed above, it is important to clean your CPAP machine regularly. Cleaning your mask and tubing daily will help prevent you from getting sick from the germs and bacteria that can collect on your machine. You could clean out your machine with soap and water, but that can be a time-consuming process. There is a way that is easier to clean your machine, and it is with a CPAP cleaning device called VirtuCLEAN.

VirtuCLEAN is a CPAP cleaner that cleans your CPAP machine for you in 30 minutes. VirtuCLEAN gets rid of 99.9% of germs and bacteria by cleaning your CPAP machine with ozone. All you have to do is attached the VirtuCLEAN device to your CPAP tubing. Then, you place your CPAP mask in the VirtuCLEAN bag. Finally, you turn the VirtuCLEAN device on. Then, the VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaning device will do all the cleaning for you, and it will be done in 30 minutes.

Your CPAP mask and tubing are things that need to be cleaned every day. If you do not clean these every day, you run the risk of getting sick. Instead of spending a lot of your time cleaning your CPAP machine, you could get the VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaning device, and the CPAP cleaning device could do all the work for you.

If you or someone you know has sleep apnea, you will want a CPAP cleaning device for your CPAP machine. This cleaning device can get rid of 99.9% of the germs and bacteria that can grow on your CPAP machine, and it can do so in just 30 minutes.