A diagnosis of sleep apnea and a doctor’s recommendation to use a CPAP machine might scare you at first if you don’t know much about how they work and what using one entails. If your knowledge of CPAP machines and how they work comes primarily from what you’ve seen in movies and on TV, chances are you have gotten some poor information. There are many myths spread and repeated about sleep apnea through popular culture, including television and movies. While these myths may serve as good fodder for jokes, you should not take them seriously. Here are some of the most common misconceptions aboutsleep apnea and forms of treatment that persist in popular culture.

CPAP Machines are Noisy and Disruptive

Many of the outdated references to CPAP machines on television and movies refer to the noise a CPAP machine makes when in use. This is an excellentpoint of comedy or conflict between roommates or married couples onscreen. In sitcoms and romantic comedies, one partner often urges the other to get treatment for disruptive snoring, only to find that the CPAP machine is even more disturbing. However, the basis for this joke is outdated information. While it is true that older CPAP machines made a lot of noise, today’s devicesare designed to be quiet during use. In fact, the noise level of a modern CPAP machine is like a sleep machine that plays white noise. Most partners of CPAP users find this noise is less disruptive than the constant snoring they’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

CPAP MachineOnly Older People Need a CPAP

Older adultsare often the target of jokes related to CPAP use. Whether the show depicts them as resistant to using a CPAP or baffled by how to use it, senior citizens are the only ones shown onscreen as having sleep apnea problems. In truth, people of all ages need CPAP treatment to help with sleep apnea symptoms. Far from being just for seniors, CPAPs are used across the nation by people of all ages. Even children can suffer from sleep apnea and the related health problems it can cause.

A CPAP is Hard to Get Accustomed to Using

Characters on television might complain about having to use a CPAP or moan about how hard it is to get used to sleeping with. While there may be an adjustment period as you learn how to use a CPAP, it is no more complicated than any of the household appliances you use regularly. With some practice and adjustment, using a CPAP machine can be just another part of your bedtime routine. In fact, most CPAP users report getting used to their device within a few weeks of bringing it home.

The CPAP Machine Will Maintain Itself

Storylines about using a CPAP are often resolved within 20 minutes to fit inside the allotted show time. This means that often a character is shown bringing a CPAP home but are never seen using it again leavingviewers with the impression that a CPAP is a maintenance free item you never have to care for again. In truth, it’s important to take good care of your CPAP by cleaning it and replacing vital parts. Without proper washingevery week, mold and mildew can start to grow.

Investing in a CPAP cleaner and sanitizer like VirtuCLEAN makes this part of the process much simpler. With a one-touch CPAP machine cleaner, the regular maintenance takes little to no effort from you. All you do is connect the VirtuCLEAN cleaner to the CPAP machine and start the cleaning process. When you come back 30 minutes later,the entire devicewill be sanitized through the power of ozone cleaning.

With a little practice, proper maintenance and cleaning, and some time, using a CPAP machine can become second nature. Click here to get your VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaner today.