For continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment, finding the correct CPAP mask is essential. Choosing the right mask for you can be very overwhelming at first because it has no “miracle mask” that is best for all patients, with so many different mask types, shapes, or sizes. All that really matters is finding a mask that fits your personal respiratory needs, sleeping habits, and levels of comfort. 

We would like to show you some key points when you visit your DME technician, which ensures that you can find the ideal mask for any night use. At The Best CPAP Cleaners, we give you some basic facts.

3 Major Types of CPAP Mask

Nasal Pillow

best CPAP masksBecause of their minimal nature, nasal pillow masks are one of the most common masks for CPAP users. The CPAP masks are the smallest and rest on the upper lip of the user since they blow pressurized air through two soft nasal tubes inserted into the nose and secured using straps that run across the head.

Benefits of nasal pillows: nasal pillow mask

  • CPAP nasal pillow allows people to wear their glasses so the nasal bridge is protected.
  • It provides a better field of seeing as many of the other styles of masks, for wearers who like reading or watching TV before bedtime.
  • The minimal and lightweight design is suitable for patients with claustrophobia or those with too much material touching their faces simply feeling uncomfortable.
  • Good for people who are always sleeping and who toss and turn many times.
  • The direct airflow into the nasal passages reduces air leakage.
  • Works best for people who have many facial hairs which could lead to leakage in other mask types.

Disadvantages of Nasal Pillows

Various people find that direct air pressure leads to higher occurrences of nasal dryness, and certain situations even lead to nose bleeding.

Frequently not perfect for people who have conditions of higher-pressure needs, since the airflow is very direct and could lead to uneasiness at higher pressure settings.

Not good for people with mouth-breathers. In case you are not used to breathing through your nose, then using a nasal pillow could feel uncomfortable or unusual. Though in case you are a mouth-breather and you actually want to wear a nasal pillow, you can use it in combination with a chin-strap.

Nose Masks

Triangular in form and fit on the nose, the nose masks cover areas from the nose bridge to the upper lip. They are popular with CPAP users due to their large size and fit, which makes it very likely that they would make a perfect mask for any user.

Benefits of Nasal Masks 

  • The nasal mask suction allows you to keep it protected if you shift around a lot in sleep or sleep aside.
  • For higher pressure settings than nasal pillows, CPAP wisp nasal mask is better.
  • Airflow is more natural than nasal pillows as the pressure supplied is not as direct.
  • A vast variety of facial structures and features are protected by several different types.

Disadvantages of Nasal Masks

  • Some of the wearers of CPAP claim that the mask on the bridge of the nose is irritating or that certain styles of models cannot fit their heads.
  • Nasal masks are not best suited to mouth respiration, like nasal pills unless a chin-strap is used to hold the jaw when closed.
  • For patients who have trouble breathing through the throat, a deviated septum, swollen turbinates, or a collapsed or narrowed nasal valve is not recommended.
  • Not suitable for patients with allergies or colds that obstruct the sinuses often.

When choosing a CPAP mask, remember the following;

 CPAP best for mouth breathersThe most important factors in the selection of a CPAP mask are the CPAP full face mask Size, health, and comfort. If the mask doesn’t suit your breathing needs or isn’t comfortable, you will probably not be able to comply with CPAP therapy. Take the time to use your DME technology to overcome the right mask for you and do not be afraid if you change your mind and try another mask later on.

Tell your DME tech if you are claustrophobic or whether your face is easily irritated.

Make sure you are an active sleeper and tell your DME technology that you get the safety mask.

Choose the best CPAP mask

If you are reading, watching a TV, or wearing bed goggles, find a mask that enables you to see the best area in order not to disturb your routine at night.

If you have facial hair, you must find a form of a mask that will not leak because of the rough surface. Talk to us on (855) 275-8951 for more information. We will be glad to help you. 

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