Sleep apnea can bea crippling condition that can have a huge effect on your life. Unfortunately, when done improperly, the very act of treating the condition could cause even more problems. Initially, a CPAP machine is perfectly sterile and poses no threat to you, but what many people fail to realize is that over time moisture, and other factors could cause growth or a collection of mold, yeast, bacteria, and other debris within the mask and tubing. Failing to clean your CPAP machine allows these contaminants to feed directly into your airway and will eventually make you sick from viral infections, inflammation of the airway, cough, or even asthma symptoms.  You should always pay attention to what you are putting into your body, and when it comes to your CPAP machine, make sure that it is only clean air.

CPAP cleanersReduce Negative Side Effects by Cleaning Your Tubing and Mask

The tubing and mask of your CPAP machine come as a package deal, and you need to clean both of them individually as often as possible. Typically, the recommendation is to stick to cleaning your equipment at least once per week to avoid germ buildup. A system like SoCLEAN or VirtuClean makes staying on top of cleaning your tubing and mask easier.

Keep the Water Reservoir Clean

Contrary to popular belief, use of the water tank on your CPAP machine is completely optional, but it does help in some cases. One tip we suggest outside of using a CPAP cleaner is to make sure that you only fill your reservoir with distilled water rather than tap or spring water. The problem with water straight out of your sink is that it contains minerals which can lodge in the lining of your throat, often stripping the skin and causing open sores. When you combine this with potential bacteria within the tube, you have a recipe for disaster and something that you want to avoid.

The water reservoir itself can also become overgrown with bacteria if you leave it to sit for too long and with that being the case you want to wash it out regularly. In modern CPAP machines, you can separate the tank from the rest of the assembly which makes it very easy to clean.

Check the Filter

A little-known fact about CPAP machines is that they utilize a filter. Since CPAP machines operate in the same manner as an oxygen concentrator, the screen must either be cleaned or changed depending on how dirty it is and how it is designed. Something important to keep in mind, however, is that this is a part that is only obtainable if you hold a prescription which can make keeping it in good working order challenging at times.

Find the Best CPAP Cleaner

There is a wide range of CPAP cleaners on the market today, and recent advances in technology have given us several that do not use any liquid to complete the job. SoCLEAN, for example, uses ozone to clear any growth or bacteria from the mask, making it a very effective and a helpful part of your cleaning arsenal. Other options like Lumin clean using a UV light that effectively removes all bacteria in just five minutes. It all comes down to what you can afford and what you think will work best for you over the years that you are using your CPAP machine.

ACPAP machine is an apparatus that can save your life by reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea, but you must do your part to make sure that it is clean and most importantly that it is not doing more harm than good. The top CPAP cleaners on the market can take care of cleaning your machine within a matter of minutes, freeing you up to enjoy your day and rest assured that the unit is appropriately cleaned and sanitized.