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When Should I change the Humidity and Temperature?

Clean resmed CPAP humidifierThe cooler air is easier for most patients when attempting to sleep, especially those new to CPAP, wear a full-face mask, and hot flashes for women during bedtime. However, warmer air offers the best moisture and helps minimize nasal discomfort, as all CPAP air must not be warmed by your nose alone. It helps to progress in general:

If you want more humidity, try to manually change the temperature one notch at a time.  if dry air causes you to wake up with a dry mouth, then you should change the humidity.

If you want more humidity, try to manually change the temperature one notch at a time. If dry air causes you to wake up with a dry mouth, then you are being dehydrated. Speak to your system supplier and doctor about whether mask leakage, oral medicine, or another factor is the real reason for your dehydration if you hit the highest stage and are still dry. (If you wake up to discover the water chamber of your humidifier empty, you must also search for a mask leak).

If dryness increases despite increasing moisture, the tube temperature will increase. Think about increasing the temperature of your tube by just 1–20 F to ensure you get the best comfort.

The opportunity for many of our patients and their loved ones to make these improvements yourself in real-time provides great peace of mind. Talk to your doctor or equipment manufacturer before making any improvements to your treatment as always.

Climate Control Auto settings provide the most protection against rainfall in most situations (an uncomfortable condition in which humidified air cools too quickly and condenses in your mask, becoming water droplets that dampen your face). But it helps to monitor your moisture a few nights to accommodate your individual needs. This is why we provide your AirCurve TM 10, ResMed AirSenseTM 10, or S9 TM CPAP/VPAP Machine with our Climate Control Manual – given that you also have a ClimateLineAirTM or ClimateLineTM heated tube. This is how it functions:

How do I find the manual mode for climate control?

Users of Air10TM can always access the settings of the Climate Control Manual. The home screen of your machine has these options,

  • Choose my options
  • Climate Ctrl Option
  • Change to manual default “Auto”
  • Choose the moisture level and rotate the moisture dial (1 to 8; default is 4)
  • Set the tube Temp to the temperature you find most comfortable (60– 860F; the default is 810F). Set the heated pipe ClimateLineAir/ClimateLine.
  • See your user guide for more info.

 If S9 users don’t already have, your equipment supplier needs to allow your setup of your Climate Control Manual.

For moisture, transform the cable into the water drop icon and turn the dial into yellow, turn the background. Turn the dial again to adjust the moisture (1–6, default is 3). Drill the dial to adjust the moisture level again.

For the temperature of the room, turn the dial to highlight the icon of the thermometer. Then return the dial to set the temperature of the ClimateLineAir tube/ ClimateLine  (60–860F, 800F is the default). Push the dial again to set the new temperature.

Selecting your CPAP apparatus

How to use resmed CPAP humidifierAt BestCPAP equipment store we are responsible for;

  • Watching your treatment
  • Working with your insurance supplier
  • Assisting you to order regular replacement parts
  • Providing troubleshooting support and answering questions (dealing with fitting issues, mask leaks, etc.)
  • Setting up and providing your equipment (together with your mask)

You are not supposed to feel as if you are on this journey on your own! Ensure the relationship with BestCPAP is always intact and we will stand with you in every journey you walk. Our equipment store is always the best for you since we give quality equipment that will be ideal and make you confident when you are using them as well as getting the support you require. Contact us today and we will assist you in whatever case you have. Our customer service is ready for you. Call us today!

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