Sani Bot CPAP Machine Cleaner and Sanitizer FAQs

Sani Bot CPAP Mask SanitizerThe Sani Bot CPAP mask sanitizer cleaning machine uses engineered ultrasonic transducer technology with an advanced cleaning solution to clean your equipment thoroughly. The transducers produce ultrasonic waves that are transmitted through the water and penetrate through every solid layer of your equipment. It reaches the deep, inaccessible surfaces of any item being cleaned.

Simultaneously, the waves also create “cavitation” mostly made of millions of microscopic air bubbles. These bubbles collapse when they come into contact with the surfaces of your gear, scrub the surfaces, and suck away even the smallest microscopic dirt or germ particles. According to a recent sani bot manufacturer review, the tiny bubbles penetrate small crevices and deep holes to clean your CPAP mask. Below are common sani bot faqs and their corresponding responses.

How do the Sani Bot and the So Clean device compare?

The So Clean uses ozone activated oxygen to change the O2 but does not remove any oils or germs. Many users are sensitive to ozone and have experienced adverse reactions to it, such as daily headaches. However, the Sani BOT CPAP Mask Sanitizer Can Remove Oils And Dirt Particles.

Does using a Sani Bot invalidate the CPAP machine warranty?

No! The reason is that Sani Bot does not use Ozone to clean. CPAP Machine manufacturers have specified that using an Ozone CPAP Cleaner does void your CPAP machine warranty. That is because the ozone or “activated oxygen” air is pushed through the CPAP machine, the hose, and the mask. These cleaners use harsh gasses that can corrode and destroy the motor and other mechanical constituents of your CPAP device. Remarkably, the Sani Bot does not do this.

Can the Sani Bot clean several sets of gear at the same time?

Sani Bot FAQsThe ability to do that depends on the model you buy. According to the Manufacturers of Sani Bot, some Sani bot cleaners have a 3-liter tank that will only fit one at a time but can handle numerous cycles in a row. Cleaning cycles can be adjusted to any amount of time you would like, with most people choosing 5-10 minutes depending on how frequently they clean their gear. Additionally, the Sani Bot D6 has a 6-liter tank and can fit multiple sets of gear in a single cleaning cycle.

Will the Sani Bot also clean the humidifier tank?

Yes, if it is removable! You need to ensure that you submerge it long enough to fill up with cleansing tablet solution water in the Sani Bot tank. The ultrasonic waves are sufficiently powerful to penetrate through the walls of the reservoir and stir the interior and remove germs and debris.

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